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The Achzarit (Hebrew for "cruel woman"...) is an original Israeli APC. The Achzarit is actually a T-54 or T-55 MBT, which the IDF had captured by the hundred in the 1967 and 1973 wars. The turret was removed, and accommodation for troops was added. The Achzarit is probably one of the world's best armored APC's. The vehicle is constructed from IDF "combat proven" modular armor technology. The redesigned upper hull has rear personnel access. By the way, the Russian Army has recently adopted the Achzarit model - and it is now converting T-55 and T-54 tanks to the BTR-T APC.

In 1988 in Israel in enterprises in g.Tel6- A -Womer did begin the series production of the heavy combat vehicle of infantry it?Akhzarit?Mky on the base of Soviet tanks T -54 and T -55 (without the tower), seized in the Arab countries during the armed conflicts.Development by heavy BMP was conducted in Israel already long ago, since the nature of combat operations in this region is specified on high saturation of the field of battle by rifle armament, including of caliber 12,7 and 14,5 mm and RPG, which moreover they are frequently adapted by Arab hits under the urban conditions.According to the intention of Israeli specialists it?Akhzarit?is intended for the joint combat employment with the tanks?Merkava?,and also for conducting the special operations.At present in BMP it is re-equipped from 400 to 500 tanks of a series T -54/55.

Layout BMP provides for the front/leading arrangement of the department of control.The driver (it sits to the left), commander (to the right) and gun layer (in the middle) are situated in the nose section of the housing.Their seats can be raised for the possibility of survey/coverage while under power.For the observation in driver four periscopical instruments of observation are established/installed.In the middle part there is a landing department by the capacity of seven people.Three landing force members sit along the left side on the bench/dock, so many along the right on hinged/reversible silen'yakh even one place is located in the stern sorting/partition of department.In the roof are installed six prismatic blocks (2 to the left even 4 to the right).Motor- transmission department is arranged/located in the rear portion of the housing.Machine completely armored, with the large road wheels (they are established/installed the new torsion shafts, which ensure the larger dynamic motion of rollers).The first and the latter road wheels from each board/edge are equipped with the hydro-rests, developed by the Israeli company of?Israyel Of airchraft Of industriyes?(the same they are used to tankekh of?Merkava?).Engine and transmission are substituted with the new power block, which consists of the eight-cylinder double measure Diesel engine It detroit 8v-"ytta of water cooling with the power of 485 kW (650 hp.)the firm of?Dzheneral of motors?,established/installed across the housing, and the hydromechanical transmission Of khtg-yayy-ya of the firm of?Allison?.Exhaust trkba does leave to the left side, the radiator shutter of engine?back.

By characteristic property of combat vehicle it?Akhzarit?appears the input (output) hatchway for the infantry landing, arranged/located in the fodder of housing on the starboard.It is the removed narrow access ramp and the rising upward above the housing cover/cap with conical type walls (with the hydraulic drive).As a result of high compactness of power block the machine has an output/yield of infantry landing to the side of the stern of housing, which is characteristic for many BMP of the countries of world.Furthermore, the stern arrangement of motor- transmission department made it possible to balance the installation of the intensive armor protection in the forward section of the housing.

Due to the installation of diverse type powerful armor (national development) combat mass BMP?Akhzarit?were about 44 tons, while in tank T -54/55?36 tons.The span of machine in comparison with the tank T -54/55 is increased by 370 mm and reaches 3640 mm. blagodar4 it is provided for the higher level of the protection of armor, and vitality rises due to the low silhouette (height along the roof of housing of approximately 2000 mm).Around the fighting compartment there is a heavier armoring, and some armored plates, established/installed on the boards/edges and from behind housing have the perforated/punched form.Each working place of crew and landing is equipped with hatchways in the roof of housing.

Basic armament of machine?the remote machine-gun installation OSHS (Overyuead Of sheapon Of station) of the firm of?Rafael'?,into which enters the 7.62-mm machine gun Of m2ya0. the shooting he is conducted with the aid of the remote control or by gun layer from the hatchway.In the first case the aiming is accomplished through the periscope sight, which is the part of the system OSHS and has day and night (with the amplifier of image) branches.Three 7.62-mm machine guns are used as the additional armament:one?on the usual pintle installation of commander hatchway and two?on the hatchways from behind.Machine is equipped with the filtered ventilation installation (individual type) and fire extinguisher system.

In the forward section of the housing in the small niches are to the right and to the left established/installed the units of the smoke grenade dischargers members -3030 (six in each) of the production of company BY THEM (Israyel Of military Of industriyes), which also are used on the Israeli basic combat tanks.For the use there are several varieties of smoke the guarantee of national production.Furthermore, is provided setting smoke screen with the aid of the injection of fuel/propellant into the exhaust pipe.

In the process of production was mastered the new modification of machine?it?Akhzarit?Mk2, which does differ from base version in terms of the presence of the new power block, into which does enter more powerful/thicker diesel It detroit 8v-92ta with power 850 l.s.sovmestno with the hydromechanical transmission of?Allison?Khtg-yayy-shch.All these changes made it possible to increase specific power and pick-up of machine.

On the conclusion of foreign specialists, heavy BMP?Akhzarit?is the well protected means of the transport of infantry landing on the field of battle, which ensures to it reserved dismounting.In contrast to other machines, it?Akhzarit?it does not have cupola with 20 or 30- mm by gun, but it possesses low silhouette and high level of the armor protection of housing, which ensures to crew and landing high vitality on the field of battle from the contemporary weapons of destruction, and also the possibility to act in contaminated area.

BMP?Akhzarit?2002 years are actively used by an Israeli army in the armed conflict with Palestine in spring.

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