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Type 86 WZ501 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Boragh armored infantry fighting vehicle

The Chinese version of the BMP-1 is called the WZ 501. The WZ501 family is a derivative of the the Soviet BMP-1, with a slight reduction in weight and maximum road speed. It features a similar low pressure 73mm gun and the Sagger ATGM, along with six roadwheels per side. The Type 86 IFV is fully amphibious and is fitted with an NBC system and infra-red night vision equipments for commander, driver, and gunner.

China maintains roughly 1,000 Type-86 IFV's in operation.


  • WZ501 (BMP-1) IFV 73mm gun, Red Arrow 73 (ATGM)
  • WZ503 (WZ501) No turret, taller hull Type
  • WZ504 (WZ501) ATGM Red Arrow 73
  • WZ505 (WZ501) Armored Ambulance - Raised rear compartment
  • WZ506 (WZ503) Armored Command Post (4 radios) Boragh - Iranian-made modification of the Chinese Type WZ 501/503 armored infantry fighting vehicle. It was reported in early May 2002, that three additional variations of the Boragh had been unveiled by the Iranian Defence Industries Organisation (DIO) of Iran's Vehicle and Equipments Group (VEIG). These consisted of a 120mm self-propelled mortar variant, of an ammunition resupply vehicle and of an APC fitted with improved armaments.

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