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RIM-50 Typhon

The Navy's Typhon surface-to-air Fleet defense weapon with track-via-missile guidance, using the AN/SPG-59 electronically scanned tracking radar.

The long-range SAM-N-8 Typhon LR was to replace Talos, but the missile was planned to be of Terrier size. This missile was 46 feet long with booster and weighed about 20,000 pounds at launch. It had a range of 200 miles. It used a solid-fuel booster and a ramjet sustainer. The medium-range SAM-N-9 Typhon MR was to replace both Terrier and Tartar with a Tartar-sized missile.

In December 1963 the Typhon program was cancelled.

Norton Sound decommissioned 10 August 1963, and in November she was towed to Baltimore, Md. for installation of the Typhon Weapon Control System. The conversion was completed early in 1964, and Norton Sound recommissioned 20 June, emerging in her present configuration to continue tasks in weapons research. Baltimore was designated homeport for Norton Sound, and for several months she operated in Chesapeake Bay, evaluating the Typhon System. Assigned to Port Hueneme, Calif. in July 1965, she arrived there the last day of that month. Her mission was then increased to include evaluation of the Sea Sparrow missile, the first of which she launched 13 September. During a three month stay at Long Beach Naval Shipyard commencing 15 July 1966, all Typhon equipment was removed following discontinuance of the system.

Typhon was a character in Greek mythology. Typhon, the son of Tartarus and Gaea, was a giant who dared to make war on heaven. For this offense, the angry Jupiter hurled him to earth and buried him beneath Mt. Etna.

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