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Serpukhov-15 (Kurilovo) SPRN

The central command post (CCU) of the missile attack warning system (SPRN) - military unit 22251 - is a key link in the Russian missile defense and is located 35 km north-west of Serpukhov near the village of Kurilovo, Zhukovsky District, Kaluga Region. From here they control the SPRN satellites - US-KS and US-KMO.

The Russian Federation is armed with a number of SPRN stations, which are controlled from headquarters in Solnechnogorsk. There are also two control centers - the Western and Eastern SPRN space echelon control posts. The primary one is in the Kaluga Region, not far from the village of Rogovo, and the other reerve station not far from Komsomolsk-on-Amur on the shores of Lake Hummi. The 300-ton antennas installed here in radio-transparent domes continuously monitor the constellation of military satellites in highly elliptical and geostationary orbits. At the CP SPRN, information is being continuously processed from spacecraft and ground stations, followed by its transfer to headquarters in Solnechnogorsk.

Information from satellites is transmitted in real time to the control center Serpukhov-15 (Kurilovo village, Kaluga region). After processing, the information is transmitted to the command post of the space rocket army in Solnechnogorsk. Satellite early warning system Central Command Post (CKP) of the Missile Attack Warning System (SPRN) US-KC “Oko” is object 455I military unit 22251. From here, they control the SPRN satellites - (Cosmos series satellites)[ specify ] make up a space grouping that monitors strategic missile launches and nuclear tests) [18] [19] [20] . It was at the Serpukhov-15 Central Command and Control Center that one of the most significant episodes of the Cold War occurred, when the missile attack warning system was triggered on September 26, 1983 , and it was recognized false by the decision of the duty officer, Lieutenant Colonel S. E. Petrov.

Serpukhov-15 (also smt . Kurilovo] , Garrison "Kurilovo" , in / hr 03 340 , in / h 10205 , in / h 22251 ) - settlement, private military camp of the Armed Forces , assigned to Serpuhovskoy district of Moscow region with a population variously estimated at 3,800 to 5,000 people. Located on the territory of the Zhukovsky district of the Kaluga region near the border with the Serpukhov district and the Chekhov district of the Moscow region 20 km east of the city ??of Zhukov, Kaluga region and 30 km north-west of the city ??of Serpukhov, Moscow region, 3 km north of A -108 MBK.

In the Spring 1960 construction of elements of a circular defense system in Moscow based on the S-25 Berkut air defense system, military unit 71533. In 1966, by decision of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, Serpukhov-15 was transferred to the USSR Ministry of Defense for unlimited use. In the Spring 1971 construction of facility 455 of the US-K complex began . The current military unit was created on October 4, 1971 in accordance with the directive of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR and the General Staff of the Troops. The unit was created as part of the air defense forces. The GPTP “Granit” started work on the facility of the US-K system .

The end of 1974 - the installation and configuration of equipment were completed at facility 455 of the US-K system. The development of the combat program has begun. 1978 - construction work began on the western commercial center of the US-KMO system . In 1979, the unit became part of the Space and Missile Defense Association (RKO), and in 1982 joined the combat duty. 1985 - the setup of the equipment of the western control system of the US-KMO system began.

A fire that occurred 10 May 2001 in the regime city of Serpukhov-15 completely disabled the central command post of the missile attack warning system of the Strategic Missile Forces. As a matter of fact, the fire occurred on the very day the American delegation arrived in Moscow for consultations on the problem of creating a global missile defense system. It is only known that, due to a fire, communications with the Russian constellation of SPRN satellites were interrupted for 12 hours, with the aid of which ballistic missile launches were monitored. But in the end, the military managed to regain control of the apparatus from the spare station.

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