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PIRS Module


This was docked to the bottom front docking port of the Zvezda service module on September 16, 2001 . PIRS with a mass of 3,580 kilograms measures 4.91 meters (16 feet) long with a diameter of 2.55 meters (8.4 feet) and an internal volume of 13 meters cubed (459 feet cubed). It is related to the POISK module. It serves both as a docking port and EVA airlock capable module on ISS.

PIRS docking compartment module with Progress freighter spacecraft Credit NASA & Roskosmos

Technical Details:

  kilograms pounds
Launch Mass 4,350 9,590
Orbital Insertion Mass 3,580 7,893
Cargo Mass 0,800 1,764
Orbit 350-410 kilometers 217-255 s miles
Operational orbit 410-460 kilometers 255-286 s miles


Russian ISS Segement Development Credit NASA & Roskosmos

Russian ISS Segement Development Credit NASA

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