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Briz [Breeze]

The original Briz [Breeze] was developed in the mid-1980s as an ASAT to be launched on top of SS-19 ICBM. It was tested a few times in suborbital flights in the early 1990s, never deployed operationally.

The four-stage Proton/Breeze M, - the "Modernized" version of the Proton - provides a 20% increase in performance with flight proven systems, greater payload fairing usable volume, and increased payload structural capacity. The Breeze M upper stage successfully flew aboard a Proton K for the first time on June 6, 2000. The first Proton/Breeze M combination was successfully launched on April 7, 2001. The Breeze-M will allow the Proton to increase its GTO payload capability by 25% to 12,125 lb.

The original Briz-K upper stage was presumably a slightly modified version of the original ASAT. The Rockot launch vehicle is based on the SS-19 with an upper composite is comprised of the Breeze upper stage and payload fairing. This has been adapted and optimised for the commercial LEO market by Eurockot. It offers flexibility in payload accommodation schemes by offering a large usable volume and stiff interface plane. This is useful for a wide variety of customers including multiple payloads and tall and heavy spacecraft. This configuration, the KM version, which was introduced by Eurockot, has flown five times successfully in a wide variety of mission scenarios.

The Breeze upper stage which in its various configurations equips both the Proton M and Rockot launch vehicles has flown over a dozen times successfully, providing a solid basis for success in the future. The Breeze KM configuration offered by Eurockot is primarily derived from the earlier Rockot flown Breeze K version. It incorporates only minor structural changes versus the Breeze K version and was introduced to provide a stiffer interface plane for adequate structural rigidity for large satellites such as those flown recently by Eurockot.

This modern upper stage with its re-ignitable main engine allows implementation of various payload injection schemes. This allows injection of payloads into different altitudes and inclinations in one launch either releasing the spacecraft successively or simultaneously. It can perform complex manoeuvres such as pre-programmed thermal barbeque manoeuvres and separation at pre-defined attitudes. Furthermore Breeze is equipped with low thrust vernier engines which allow for fine tuning of the final orbit hence providing for excellent injection accuracy. These capabilities have been demonstrated and fully exercised during Eurockot's previous missions which have shown high injection accuracy.

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