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PAKSAT-1 & PAKSAT-1R Communication Satellites


The originally owned “Palapa”, Indonesia satellite from Hughes after a partial power failure was leased by Pakistan in 2001 and renamed PAKSAT-1. By December 20, 2002 the satellite had been maneuvered several times repositioning it to Pakistan GEO orbit slot of 38 degrees East with zero inclination and has continued a very useful service life for Pakistan ever since. This communications satellite was a considerable boost to Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan is now working on its replacement satellite PAKSAT-1R since PAKSAT-1 is some years from the end of its useful service life.

PAKSAT-1R New Communications Satellite Development Agreement

On September 19 it was announced that China’s, Great Wall Industry Corporation and the Pakistani, Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Commission will cooperate in in assisting Pakistan in the development of the new communications satellite PAKSAT-1R for $200 million loan to Pakistan. The agreement was signed on September 18 th in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. The new PAKSAT-1R is to replace the PAKSAT-1 with in the next two or three years.

Presumable this is an outgrowth of the Pakistan satellite launch vehicle development derived from the Shaheen-1 and Shaheen-II series of ballistic launch vehicle that is called Shaheen-III. It first launch is scheduled for 2011.

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