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Norway and Space Transportation

Norway's Andoya Rocket Range has conducted approximately 600 sounding rocket launches since 1962 and since 1972 has directly supported numerous ESA scientific experiments. Andoya's high latitude location(~69 degrees N) is ideal for Arctic upper atmospheric research as well as microgravity experiments. In 1993 the Norwegian Space Center in cooperation with the Swedish Space Corporation proposed the establishment of a Polar Satellite Service to launch small (up to 250 kg) spacecraft into LEO inclinations of 70 degrees to 110 degrees. An early survey of potential launch vehicles identified the American-led Pacastro launch vehicle development program as highly suitable for Andoya with launches beginning as early as 1996. Subsequent decisions by Sweden to cooperate more closely with the Russian Federation have undercut the likelihood that the Polar Satellite Service will commence operations in the near term (References 153-157).

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