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Iranian Expanded First & Building Second Space Launch Center

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Iran has also announced that it is developing a second space launch center from the first existing launch center of Semnan Range south east of Semnan Iran. This was based on its feasibility study on the mission requirements issue. The minister of Communications and Information Technology, Reza Taqipour announced this on December 14, 2010 in the Tehran region space centers. The limits of the present launch range required this development to be explored and subsequently authorized. One of two location were probably considered for this effort and those probably include the outskirts of the city of Marivan in the western province of Kurdistan which borders Iraq already used to test the Sejjil-2 missile or well into north western part of Iran and the Iman Ali Base near Khorramabad (33 degrees 29 minutes North and 48 degrees, 13 minutes and 56.77 seconds East) in the western Iran province of Lorestan the location of the primary ballistic missile base of Iran. That base apparently recently suffered a major serious fire and explosions among the stored ballistic missile infrastructure setting back the military operational program deployments effort. That in development new Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeni Second Space Launch Infrastructure is located n the Shahroud, Zard AbIyeh at approximately at 36.2 degrees North and 55.33 degrees East.

First Space Launch Center Expansion

More recently cold water has been poured on this above suggestion since with the last year later 2011 through 2012 and this year 2013 construction on the Semnan space launch infrastructure that seems in imply that this infrastructure is to become the Khomeini Space Center. It includes the Semorgh-3 launch infrastructure in addition to the Safir-1B, 1C older launch site a new completed Semorgh-3 Static Test stand that can also serve for dynamic testing of the booster. What is new is the vast Simorgh-3 Launch infrastructure of one pad nearing completion and indication of a second pad undergoing ground foundation preparation that is set to an apparently different launch azimuth. This is in addition to other overall infrastructure addition including major new building construction develo-pment. At the same time the West side of this wide spread complex is clearly the military side for weapons systems testing in addition to the original altery range. The Simorgh-3 launch site will be utilized for the Simorgh-3 first stage based two or the crewed suborbital flight is the next few years

The completed Simorgh-3 static/dynamic test stand with the befinning earth works foundation for a second possibly upper stage static test facility set next to within this infrastructure

The nearly completed Simorgh-3 launch complex infrastructure

The nearly completedfirst Simorgh-3 launch pad expected to be utilized for Iran's crewed sub-orbital flights in addition the theSimorgh space booster developmemt

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