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DPRK Launch Plans

The First Five-Years development plan covers space activities for 2012 to 2016. (Choson Sinbo, 12 December 2012) The Second Space Development Five-Year Plan starting in 2017, will see more advanced space developments. In April 8, 2012, the general manager of Sohae SLC declared that North Korea "will launch a geostationary satellite in the near future", and that North Korea "will launch manned spacecrafts". To this end, Sohae was also designed to support very large 400t-class rockets. (Choson Sinbo, April 10, 2012 Press Release )

North Korean launch schedule

PlanDate Payload Launcher Launchpad
20122016Earth observation Unha-4 TBD
20122016Earth observation Unha-5 TBD
20122016Communication Unha-6 TBD
20122016Communication Unha-7 TBD
20122016Communication Unha-8 TBD
20122016Lunar orbiter Unha-9 TBD
20172021Geostationary communication satellite TBD TBD
20172021Manned spacecraft TBD TBD
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DPRK Space Launch Vehicles

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North Korea has developed two basic satellite launch vehicles. They are the Taep’o-dong-1/“Paektusan-1” no longer in production pathfinder launch vehicle design and the Taep’o-dong-2/“Paektusan-2”/ Unha-2 (Galaxy) ballistic missile space booster presently in prototype production and flight testing. None have successfully orbit satellites as of October 2009.

Unha-1, Taep'o-dong-1

The North KoreanTaep-o-dong-2B/Unha-3 revised booster that sports a new liquid propellant third stage apparently derived from Unha-1 booster design.

Comparisons North Korean (DPRK) and Iranian ballistic missiles & Space boosters through 2013

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