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Large Geostationary Satellite Platform

In the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period a series of important programs have been scheduled and the development of many important projects is to start soon. The large geostationary satellite common platform programs has officially been scheduled,

China may develop a new generation large geostationary satellite platform to meet the demands of the development of large capacity, high power and long life communications satellites with multiple payloads. These kinds of satellites include the large capacity communications satellite, direct broadcasting satellite, tracking and data relay satellite, regional mobile communications satellite and military communications satellite. Besides, large geostationary satellite enjoys better performance to price ratio and broad prospect for the market.

According to China's market demand and satellite technology status, the DC power of large geostationary satellite platform should reach 6000-8000W, payload weight exceed 450kg and life time reach 15 years, which are the targets of the first phase of the development of the platform. In the second phase, the DC power of platform and payload weight should exceed those in the first phase (for instance the power overpasses 10000W). In the third phase, the electric thruster should be used for orbit control to further improve platform performance. It is predicted that payload may exceed 800kg, which can meet the demands of consumers after 2010.

The products developed in these three phases are one kind of platforms, and have same satellite cross section, load carrying canister and storage tank diameter. Most subsystems of the platform have the same or similar parts, with different load-carrying canister height, storage tank cylinder section, solar cell and battery technological states.

To keep pace with the development of the "Dongfanghong-IV" Satellite Chinese Academy of Space Technology will put up China's new-generation large-capacity and long-term communication satellite public platform by using matured technology and technological renovation as sources say.

The platform will be developed by adhering to the principle of "universality, inheritance, expansibility and timeliness and advancement". The functions of the platform are similar to advanced satellites as developed by other countries. It can be applied to the communication by earth static orbiting satellites such as large-capacity communications satellites, the second-generation live broadcast satellites and mobile communications satellites. China is targeting at small-scale production of it in a short time to come.

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