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Feng Huo-1 [FH-1]

Data relay satellites will allow China's space sensing platforms to pass data to a ground station without being within line of sight of a ground station.

The Feng Huo-1 [FH-1] satellite is the first space-based communication platform to provide military units with both C-band and UHF communications. Xinhua news agency reported that the satellite was built by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. and launched on a Long March 3A booster. The satellite was placed in a stationary position above the equator at a point 98 degrees latitude.

Feng Huo-1, launched in January 2000, is the first of several military communications satellites for the Qu Dian C4I system, China's first integrated command, control, communications, computer and intelligence system (C4I). The new Qu Dian system, gives the Chinese military new capabilities for coordinating and supporting its growing terrestrial forces. The Chinese military describes the new Tactical Information System component of the Qu Dian information system as similar to the American Joint Tactical Information Distribution System or JTIDS. When fully deployed, the Qu Dian system will allow theater commanders to communicate with and share data with all forces under joint command.

At 00:02, September 13, 2006, the Chinese made Zhongxing-22 A Telsat / Fenghuo 3 was launched by a CZ-3A launch vehicle, from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. 25 minutes later, the data received by the ground controllers showed that the satellite has smoothly entered a geosynchronous orbit at a perigee altitude of 207km, and an apogee altitude of 42,000km, indicating a successful launch. Zhongxing-22 A Telsat, a geosynchronous satellite developed by China Academy of Space Technology, a part of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp., has a design life for 8 years, and will be operated by ChinaSat, an affiliation under China SatCom. Having entered the transfer orbit, the satellite will be tracked down and controlled by the Xi’an Satellite Control Center, in collaboration with a measuring boat on the sea. It will be delivered to the user, when positioned above the equator at 98 degree east longitude.

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