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Braduskill Interceptor Concept [BIC]
BIC Proof of Principle [BICPOP]

LTC (R) James H. Boschma was from 1984 through 1986 the Chief, Braduskill Interceptor Concept (BIC) Task Force, U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command, RSA, Alabama, where he conceived and completed concept development on his BIC concept. It comes from bradus (brad-ooce'), which in Greek means slow or slow to apprehend, figurative of mental and spiritual slowness. Boschma directed and managed BIC project office to include concept definition, test program development, development of RFPs, management of contracts, definition of advanced exoatmospheric discrimination techniques, and planned and managed elements of supporting experiments (i.e., D181, SEER, DELPHI, BIC LETHALITY).

On 28 June 1985 the USASMDC awarded four concept definition contracts for the Braduskill Interceptor Concept. The BIC project was a research effort to determine the feasibility of the BIC concept [slow-kill] and to determine the utility of such a weapon. The system codenamed Braduskill, according to U.S. officials, could only work if based in Canada. Braduskill would have to be launched from sites hundreds of kilometres to the north of the United States--in other words, from Greenland, Alaska, or the Canadian North.

The work for USASMDC during this period actually involved several missile defense programs. Some of these were rather short-lived. For example, Corps of Engineers Huntsville Center supported the Braduskill Interceptor Concept (BIC) Launch Complex, which was halted at the design stage.

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