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Numerous pieces of SATCOM terminal equipment are required to satisfy special communications needs. This line includes procurement of off-the-shelf non-developmental Items (NDI) for replacement of obsolete satellite communications terminals and baseband equipment. FY97 funds procure modification kits for upgrading AN/WSC-3 transceivers and OE-82 antennas to meet a 5KHz capability and provides funds for procurement of enhanced manpack UHF transceivers (EMUT) from the Army.

Mini-DAMA system integrates the DAMA capabilities of the TD-1271B/U and the R/T capabilities of the AN/WSC-3(V) into a single system, allowing installation on platforms with space and weight considerations (submarines, aircraft). Mini-DAMA is COTS-based and modular and contains a Red and Black Ethernet interface to connect to the ADNS system. Mini-DAMA will transition to JMCOMS as part of Slice.

FY98 funds begin procurement of the NDI digital modular radio (DMR) follow-on to the AN/WSC-3 transceivers in support of the Slice program. Slice will provide the framework for meeting the planned future SATCOM communications requirements in the 0 to 2 GHz spectrum. Digital implementation of new modulation techniques, coding strategies and encryption devices makes Slice strategy possible. Powerful signal processing and software reconfigurable radios can be implemented in a compact, economical bus environment. Complementary, multi-function antennas and RF distribution systems make Slice a significant step forward.

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