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AN/ GSC-52( V) / AN/FSC-52

The AN/ GSC-52( V) is a fixed or mobile, medium-size SHF SGT designed for use with the DSCS space segment. It is a high-capacity, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) protected terminal that uses pseudo-monopulse scanning for operator-selectable manual tracking, memory tracking, or acquisition/ auto tracking of the satellite. The terminal consists of an antenna subsystem, a receive subsystem, a transmitter subsystem, and tracking/ servo subsystem. The antenna subsystem has a Cassegrain feed, 38-foot parabolic-reflector antenna, an elevation over azimuth pedestal, and a servodrive mechanism. Modems provide a 70 or 700-MHz IF to the up-converters whose RF outputs are combined into a single RF signal in the 7.9 to 8.4 GHz range with a bandwidth as wide as 500 MHz. The composite signal is amplified by the TWTA and fed, via waveguides, to the antenna subsystem. On the receive side, the antenna receives an RF signal at 7.25 to 7.75 GHz, amplifies the signal using LNAs and the interfacility amplifiers, and passes the signal to down-converters which provide a 70 or 700-MHz IF output to the modem. The AN/ GSC-52( V) uses 12 up-and down-converters. The AN/ GSC-52( V) ground terminal is capable of manned or unmanned operations through a centralized control, monitor, and alarm subsystem that provides computer-aided configuration for control, status and performance monitoring, equipment calibration, fault isolation, and automatic switching of redundant equipment to replace a faulty unit. The AN/ GC-52 modernization program will also increase the total number of uplink and downlink converters.

The main purpose of the AN/FSC-52 Modernization is to maintain the warfighter's ability to communicate back to the sustaining base during war or contingency operations via Department of Defense or commercial super high frequency satellites. The modernization will extend the life of the AN/GSC-52 terminal by 15-20 years. Other major program objectives include improved performance, enhance control and monitoring, reduction of life cycle costs, increased availability and increased commonality with the other Defense Satellite Communications Systems (DSCS) strategic terminals. The modernization of thirty-nine (39) AN/GSC-52 terminals will be accomplished by system upgrade. The contractor will install MWO kits for the first 3 terminals and the Army will install the remaining thirty-six (36) MWO.

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