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P-3 aircraft have an operational requirement for UHF satellite communications (SATCOM) and currently have satellite capable communications suites. JCS Memos MJCS-36-89 and MJCS-63-89 modify SATCOM access to require ANDVT and DAMA standards by 30 September 96. In addition, the ARC-101 VHF radio does not have a 25KHz channel capability and does not comply with Air Traffic Control regulations and represents a potential safety of flight issue. The older UHF and VHF (ARC-143 and ARC-101) radios suffer from considerable degraded performance because of crosstalk sensitivity, lack of channel selectivity, intermodulation and are not compatible with the JCS satellite access requirements. The ARC-182 is the Navy's standard VHF radio and corrects the VHF deficiencies. The ARC-187 is currently installed in 171 P-3 aircraft and meets all P-3 requirements. In FY 93, Vinson Baseband kits were procured to provide succinct channel identification for the ARC-187 radios currently installed in P-3 aircraft.

The FY 94 and subsequent programs will bring all 238 P-3C and 4 Special Project aircraft to a common radio configuration which meets all requirements for SATCOM and Havequick. Due to differences in current aircraft configuration, there are 4 types of kits to be installed: 29 aircraft will receive the AN/ARC-182/187/ANDVT/DAMA SATCOM installation; 34 aircraft will receive the AN/ARC-187/ANDVT/DAMA SATCOM installation; 41 aircraft will receive the AN/ARC-182/ANDVT/DAMA SATCOM installation; 138 aircraft will receive the DAMA SATCOM installation. There is one (1) AN/ARC-182 per aircraft receiving this radio (total of 70 aircraft and 70 radios). There are two (2) AN/ARC-187 radios per aircraft receiving this radio (total of 79 aircraft and 158 radios).


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