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Northern Viking

From 12-23 July 1995 U.S. Atlantic Command (USACOM) sponsored the exercise Northern Viking '95 (NV 95) This exercise tested logistics, communications, command post, air defense, ground training operations, and field training of Iceland Defense Force (IDF). This exercise marked the first biennial exercise in seven years to include Lajes Field. Six B-1B Lancers and 169 people from Dyess AFB, Texas, deployed to Lajes The B-1Bs generated from Lajes and flew four deep-penetration missions a day into Iceland which tested their fighter intercept and air defense capabilities. Also, the 504th Military Police Battalion from Fort Lewis, Washington, deployed to Lajes for the second phase of NV 95. The 504th conducted a field training and communications exercise that tested operational capabilities in environments that differ from the battalion's normal stateside training sites.

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