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Military Space Operations


by Mark C. Cleary

45th Space Wing
History Office

Table of Contents

Chapter I -USAF Space Organizations and Programs
Section 1 - Air Force Systems Command and Subordinate Space Agencies at Cape Canaveral
Section 2 - The Creation of Air Force Space Command and Transfer of Air Force Space Resources
Section 3 - Defense Department Involvement in the Space Shuttle
Section 4 - Air Force Space Launch Vehicles: SCOUT, THOR, ATLAS and TITAN
Section 5 - Early Space Shuttle Flights
Section 6 - Origins of the TITAN IV Program
Section 7 - Development of the ATLAS II and DELTA II Launch Vehicles and the TITAN IV/CENTAUR Upper Stage
Section 8 - Space Shuttle Support of Military Payloads
Section 9 - U.S. and Soviet Military Space Competition in the 1970s and 1980s
Chapter II - TITAN and Shuttle Military Space Operations
Section 1 - 6555th Aerospace Test Group Responsibilities
Section 2 - Launch Squadron Supervision of Military Space Operations in the 1990s
Section 3 - TITAN IV Launch Contractors and Eastern Range Support Contractors
Section 4 - Quality Assurance and Payload Processing Agencies
Section 5 - TITAN IIIC Military Space Missions after 1970
Section 6 - TITAN 34D Military Space Operations and Facilities at the Cape
Section 7 - TITAN IV Program Activation and Completion of the TITAN 34D Program
Section 8 - TITAN IV Operations after First Launch
Section 9 - Space Shuttle Military Missions
Chapter III - Medium and Light Military Space Operations
Section 1 - Medium Launch Vehicle and Payload Operations
Section 2 - Evolution of the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System and Development of the DELTA II
Section 3 - DELTA II Processing and Flight Features
Section 4 - NAVSTAR II Global Positioning System Missions
Section 5 - Strategic Defense Initiative Missions and the NATO IVA Mission
Section 6 - ATLAS/CENTAUR Missions at the Cape
Section 7 - Modification of Cape Facilities for ATLAS II/CENTAUR Operations
Section 8 - ATLAS II/CENTAUR Missions
Section 9 - STARBIRD and RED TIGRESS Operations
Section 10 - U.S. Air Force and NASA Leadership in Space
Chapter IV - Future Space Operations
Section 1 - The National Space Transportation and Support Study
Section 2 - The Space Transportation Architecture Study and Advanced Launch System (ALS) Studies
Section 3 - The ESMC 2005 Study and Prospects for the Current Generation of Unmanned Space Launch Vehicles

This monograph was prepared by the 45th Space Wing Historian, Mr. Mark C. Cleary. If you have any questions or comments please direct them to him at 45 SW/HO, 1201 Minuteman St, Patrick AFB, 32925.


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