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February 2020 Space News

  • Pentagon Vows Not To Let Russia, China Deny West's Space Superiority RFE/RL 28 Feb 2020 -- A senior Pentagon official has warned that China and Russia are stepping up efforts to develop sophisticated space capabilities in a bid to deny the United States and its allies of their current superiority.
  • U.S. Will Not Let China, Russia Deny Its Space Superiority, DOD Officials Say DoD News 27 Feb 2020 -- Space systems underpin virtually every weapon system in the Defense Department's arsenal, a senior DOD official told Congress.
  • Barrett highlights space, modernization, alliances, people as pressing priorities US Air Force 27 Feb 2020 -- Secretary of the Air Force Barbara M. Barrett said Feb. 27 that successfully launching the Space Force while also modernizing the Air Force, strengthening ties with allies and partners and ensuring a culture of trust for Airmen and their families are the priorities that will drive the service into a successful future.
  • Gen. Thompson makes case for US Space Force, encourages campaign to educate public US Air Force 27 Feb 2020 -- Invoking history and a vivid recent example, Lt. Gen. David D. Thompson, the vice commander of the newly created U.S. Space Force, presented the case Feb. 27 for the new service and how its development as a separate, new force differs from circumstances surrounding the Air Force's birth in 1947.
  • Air Force announces Vanguard PEOs US Air Force 26 Feb 2020 -- The Air Force recently announced the Vanguard Program as part of its transformational science and technology portfolio identified in the 2030 strategy for the next decade. Vanguard programs will rapidly advance emerging weapon systems and warfighting concepts through prototyping and experimentation. With these programs, the Air Force aims to deliver game-changing new operational capabilities that provide warfighters with superior advantages on the battlefield in the next decade.
  • China launches 4 new technology experiment satellites PLA Daily 20 Feb 2020 -- China sent four new technology experiment satellites into planned orbit from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Southwest China's Sichuan province Thursday.
  • Russia says US causes irreparable damage to security balance by deploying weapons to space Press TV 17 Feb 2020 -- The United States will deal an irreversible blow to the existing security balance in space, Russia has warned, in the wake of an announcement by Washington about plans to deploy weapons to space.
  • Is Iran Using Space Launches To Develop Long-Range Missiles? RFE/RL 16 Feb 2020 -- Iran's latest failed attempt to send a satellite into orbit has rekindled U.S. accusations that Tehran is using satellite launches to develop its ballistic missiles.
  • To Avoid 'Bureaucratic Inertia' With Space Force, DOD Must 'Think Differently DoD News 12 Feb 2020 -- Just in time for Christmas, President Trump gifted the nation with a new military service: the U.S. Space Force. But ensuring the new service doesn't become just another bloated government bureaucracy will take a bit of work and planning, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for space policy said.
  • Defense minister says Iran's satellite carriers "totally civilian" IRNA 12 Feb 2020 -- Minister of Defense and Logistics of the Armed Forces said on Wednesday that the Iranian satellite carriers are not related to the missiles whatsoever and are totally a civilian and non-defense issue.
  • Two Russian Space Probes Stalk U.S. Spy Satellite RFE/RL 12 Feb 2020 -- The newly-created U.S. Space Force has accused Russia of using a pair of its satellites to tail a U.S. spy satellite, calling it "disturbing behavior" while prompting a reserved response from Moscow on February 11.
  • Iran's Failed Space Launch US Dept. of State 11 Feb 2020 -- The Iranian regime uses satellite launches to develop its ballistic missile capabilities. The technologies used to launch satellites into orbit are virtually identical and interchangeable with those used in longer range systems, including intercontinental ballistic missiles. Each launch, whether failed or not, further allows Iran to gain experience using such technologies that could benefit its missile programs under the guise of a peaceful space program.
  • U.S. Accuses Iran Of Using Satellite Launches To Develop Ballistic Missiles RFE/RL 11 Feb 2020 -- The United States has accused Tehran of using satellite launches to develop ballistic missiles two days after Iranian officials reported a failed attempt to send an Iranian-made Zafar satellite into Earth orbit.
  • On-orbit construction mission of China's space station to kick off People's Daily 10 Feb 2020 -- China's Long March-5B carrier rocket arrived at the Wenchng Space Launch Center in southern China's Hainan Province on Feb. 5 and is scheduled to make its maiden flight, launching the prototype of China's new manned spaceship in April.
  • Iran's Zafar satellite launched successfully, fails to reach orbit Press TV 09 Feb 2020 -- The spokesman for the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) says the country has successfully launched its domestically-made Zafar (Triumph) satellite using a Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite carrier, though the missile fell short of reaching the designated orbit.
  • Iranian Satellite Launched But Fails To Reach Earth's Orbit RFE/RL 09 Feb 2020 -- Iranian Satellite Launched But Fails To Reach Earth's OrbitIranian state television reports that Iran on February 9 failed in an attempt to launch an Iranian-made Zafar satellite into the Earth's orbit.
  • Space Force Making Measured Efforts in Absorbing New Personnel DoD News 07 Feb 2020 -- As it stands now, the new U.S. Space Force has one member: its commander, Space Force Gen. John W. Raymond. But there will be more – enlisted, commissioned officers and civilian members will be part of the new force before the end of the year.
  • On-The-Record, Off-Camera Press Conference on U.S. Space Force DoD 06 Feb 2020 -- Stephen L. Kitay, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy; Air Force Lt. Gen. David D. Thompson, Vice Commander, U.S. Space Force; Shawn J. Barnes, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Acquisition and Integration; And Air Force Maj. Gen. Clint E. Crosier, Director, U.S. Space Force Planning Office
  • AFGSC tests Minuteman III missile launch from Vandenberg AFB US Air Force 05 Feb 2020 -- A team of Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen from the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana; the 90th MW at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming; and the 91st MW at Minot AFB, North Dakota, launched an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a test reentry vehicle, Feb. 5 from Vandenberg AFB, California.
  • Digital Directorate sets new pace for Phase II SBIR awards US Air Force 04 Feb 2020 -- The Digital Directorate recently employed an innovative approach to rapidly award seven Phase II Small Business Innovative Research Program, or SBIR, contracts, enabling startup recipients to advance technologies presented at two 2019 pitch days.
  • Iran's Zafar observation satellite to be launched by weekend: ICT Minister Press TV 03 Feb 2020 -- Iran's minister of information and communication technology (ICT) says the country will launch its Zafar (Victory) observation satellite by the end of the Iranian week (February 7) to orbit the Earth at an altitude of 530 km.
  • Iran to launch observation satellite in coming days: ISA head Press TV 02 Feb 2020 -- Head of the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) Morteza Barari says the country is preparing to launch its new domestically-developed scientific observation satellite in the "coming days".
  • Iran To Launch Satellite In 'Coming Days,' Space Agency Head Says RFE/RL 01 Feb 2020 -- Iran has confirmed that it plans to launch a new scientific observation satellite in the "coming days," the head of the country's national space agency said in an interview with AFP.

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