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Communication Session With Spektr-R Space Telescope Fails - Roscosmos

Sputnik News

17:08 13.01.2019(updated 17:09 13.01.2019)

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - A representative of Russian space agency Roscosmos told Sputnik on Sunday that an attempt to establish contact with Russia's only space telescope Spektr-R has failed.

"No communication has been established with the vehicle so far. There is a certain algorithm, work will be continued tomorrow," the representative said.

Earlier in the day, a source in the rocket and space industry told Sputnik that experts from the Lavochkin Research and Production Association (Lavochkin NPO) had started a communication session with Spektr-R following the loss of contact with the space vehicle due to a communications failure on Saturday.

The telescope was scheduled to start observing the M106 galaxy located in the Canes Venatici constellation from Monday in case of full restoration of communication.


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