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US Military Support Facility With Upgraded Missile Defenses Opens in Poland

Sputnik News

20:11 30.11.2016(updated 20:19 30.11.2016)

The Redzikowo Naval Support Facility (NSF) has opened in Poland, with a Polish battalion providing security for an accompanying US ballistic missile defense system, the US Navy announced in a press release on Wednesday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The release explained that the facility will support the missile defense system, which is now under construction, with security, safety and housing for service members.

Once complete, missile defenses in Poland will improve coverage against medium- and intermediate-range threats from outside the European-Atlantic region, the release added.

"As a persistent shore presence for the US Navy in Europe, NSF Redzikowo will cooperate with the host nation and Polish forces to strengthen relationships in order to increase peace and security throughout the region," the release stated.


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