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Iran Press TV

Chinese Jade Rabbit rolls on to Moon's surface

Iran Press TV

Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:43PM GMT

China's unmanned spacecraft carrying Jade Rabbit robot rover has successfully landed on the Moon, joining the United States and former Soviet Union in accomplishing the feat last performed in 1976.

On Saturday, the robotic vehicle rolled down a ramp lowered by its landing module and on to the volcanic plain known as Sinus Iridum, also known as the Bay of Rainbows, a lunar area that remains unstudied.

According to Chinese state media, the spacecraft named Chang'e-3 started its descent just after 1300 GMT (2100 Beijing time) and touched down in Sinus Iridum 11 minutes later.

Scientists burst into applause as Chang'e-3 landed on the Moon's surface.

'Chang'e-3 has successfully carried out a soft-landing on the Moon. This makes China the world's third nation to achieve a lunar soft landing,' said the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in an online post on the mission's official page on Sina Weibo.

The official Xinhua news agency called it a 'historic breakthrough' which was the first of its kind since the former Soviet Union's mission nearly four decades ago.

'Space exploration is the cause of mankind, not just 'the patent' of a certain country,' Xinhua said.

'China will share the achievements of its lunar exploration with the whole world and use them to benefit humanity,' it added.


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