Ankara to discuss missile shield with Tehran friendly: Turkish envoy

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

News Code :9008-03169

TEHRAN (ISNA) - Turkish ambassador to Tehran said his country would explain reasons for deployment of NATO missile shield inside its soil for Tehran.

"Iran-Turkey relations will be forged in the future. We believe that regional peace and stability depends on Iran-Turkey friendly relations," Umit Yardim told ISNA.

"We have not carried out any secret action. We will hold friendly talks with Iranian officials and discuss the issue. Iran-Turkey ties are firmly established and nothing can damage the relations," he said regarding establishment of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) inside Turkish territory.

Also regarding Iran's presence in Afghanistan's international conference in Istanbul, he said, "We have invited Iran officially to join the conference. Since Iran is considerably important for us. Afghanistan is an important issue for us and Iran as an important country should attend the conference."

Afghanistan's international conference is scheduled for Nov. 2 conference in Istanbul.

Iran has already objected deployment of missile shield inside Turkish soil. Although the neighboring country has said that the system does not pose threat against any neighboring country.

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