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Iran prepares to send Explorer-5 data gathering machine into air

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 30, IRNA -- Explorer-5 data gathering machine carrying a monkey will be sent into the air in the near future, head of Iran’s Aerospace Agency said on Tuesday.

Hamid Fazeli noted that the Explorer-5 scientific data gathering machine will be placed in the air at the altitude of 120 kilometers with a 285-kilogramme capsule carrying a monkey.

“Putting the Explorer-5 data gathering machine in the space will be a step forward in technological and biological research studies with the aim of sending human being into space, ” he said.

In the advanced stage, Iranian space program aims to send a man to the space.

A rat, turtle and worms were part of an Iranian flight in 2010. Experts sounded upbeat about outcome of the data obtained from former missions into the aerospace.

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 30543704

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