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Iran to launch 1st domestic satellite soon - Ahmadinejad

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Ankara, Aug 16, IRNA
Ahmadinejad-Turkey-Press Conference
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad added in his press interview in Istanbul Friday that Iran would in near future launch its first domestic satellite to the space.

According to IRNA, President Ahmadinejad said addressing the audience, "I want to inform you of a first hand news today. The Americans sanctioned us 28 years ago, but that is not the whole story."

"They also imposed a number of sets of embargoes, whose single purpose was the block the path of our progress. But thanks to all those sanctions, we are now a nuclear country, and will by grace of God very soon launch our first Iranian made satellite."

The Iranian president reiterated, "This satellite, the rocket that would launch it, and the land station from which it would be launched are entirely made in Iran, by the talented Iranian scientists and technicians."

He pointed out that the Islamic Iran is today also among the top five world countries with advanced bio-technology expertise, the top in nano-technology field, and that the Iranians have achieved all such high objectives thanks to the US, and US backed sanctions, which our nation is decided to resist against.

Ahmadinejad also referred to Turkey's membership at the EU, arguing, "This membership is in the first place going to benefit the EU, and in the second place it is to the benefit of the region, since Turkey is a great civilization-building country whose membership would benefit them in strengthening their ties with the the region."

He added, "Turkey is an important and trustworthy connection bridge, but notice how many preconditions they (the Europeans) set (for Turkey's EU membership). It is because they do not want our countries to became advanced."

Ahmadinejad said at the end, "I wish to summarize my feelings regearing Iran-Turkey relations in a couple of sentences: We believe Iran and Turkey can complete the shortcomings of one another and their cooperation would lead to the emergence of a big power at the service of security of the region and the world peace.

"We need to strengthen our beliefs in the might of ourselves, and to pave the long path towards the peaks of pride resolutely.

"Fortunately, both nations comprehend such needs deeply, and know the bright path they need to pave is in need of strong will power. We love the Turkish nation from the bottom of our hearts, and this love has roots in the history of our beliefs. We will remain by the side of one another for good.


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