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Missile Defense Agency Successfully Completes Third Integrated Ground Test Event

June 23, 2008

Air Force Lt Gen Henry “Trey” Obering, Missile Defense Agency Director, announced today the successful execution of Integrated Ground Test (GTI)-03, an important evaluation of hardware, software, and communication interfaces of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) against a variety of simulated ballistic missile threats. This is the third BMDS GTI in an ongoing series of tests to assess functionality and interoperability under increasingly stressing conditions, simulating concurrent theater, regional, and strategic attacks.

The test was conducted June 2 to June 20, 2008 from the MDA Combined Test Force Ground Test Center located at the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. The test used the Missile Defense System Exerciser to connect and control BMDS Hardware-in-the-Loop Laboratories located across the United States to emulate the functionality resident in BMDS fielded systems.

Participants from the ballistic missile defense operational community included the National Military Command Center, BMDS Operational Test Agency, US Northern Command, 100th Missile Defense Brigade, 94th Army Air Missile Defense Command, 49th Missile Defense Battalion, and Cheyenne Mountain Directorate. The test provided a significant opportunity for warfighters to practice and refine tactics, techniques, and procedures to defend the United States from ballistic missile attack.

The Hardware-in-the-Loop Laboratories participating in the event included the Command, Control, Battle Management and Communications in Colorado Springs, Colo.; Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense in Dahlgren, Va., Moorestown, N.J., and Point Loma, Calif.; Ground-Based Midcourse Defense, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense and Patriot, Huntsville, Ala.; Space-Based Infrared System and Joint Tactical Ground Station, Azusa, Calif.; AN/TPY-2 Radar, Woburn, Mass.; and the Tactical Emulation Communication Systems.

Ground tests play a vital role in the development of new technologies for missile defense by providing program officials with detailed information about emerging hardware and software system functionality, while reducing the cost and schedule demands that would be required to provide the same information through an extensive flight test program. GTIs enable simulated real-world threat scenarios to be simultaneously injected into geographically distributed tactical sensors and weapon systems. Tactical systems respond in real-time via their respective tactical communications links, allowing each individual BMDS system to operate in a tactically realistic environment.

Following the completion of GTIs such as GTI-03, Distributed Ground Tests (GTDs) are conducted using fielded assets with operational communications to more fully determine the BMDS capability. GTD-03 will be conducted later this year using a subset of the GTI-03 Test Cases.

Contact: Rick Lehner, Missile Defense Agency, at (703) 697-8997 or richard.lehner@mda.mil

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