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Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

IAI/MBT Space Division Unveils the OpTSat 3000 New Generation Very High Resolution Observation Satellite at the 2007 Paris Air Show

Jun 18, 2007

IAI/MBT Space Division, the Prime Contractor for Israel's space programs, is unveiling it's third generation, low weight, very high performance optical observation satellite, the OptSat 3000.

OptSat 3000 presents a breakthrough in terms of weight to performance ratio, achieving high agility, very high quantities of widely spread images in each satellite pass, and high levels of autonomy.

OptSat 3000 is based on a new generic small platform which can accommodate various types of payloads.

OptSat 3000 contains Panchromatic & Multi-Spectral (MS) imaging cameras, sharing a common optical assembly and capable of simultaneous operation and the creation of Pan-sharpened images.

The satellite can be controlled by a single Ground Control Station and it may serve multiple users.

The satellite is designed for a mission life of more than six years.

OptSat 3000 follows IAI's OFEQ observation satellites series, which carry optical telescopes, performing high-resolution observation missions for national needs. OFEQ's three-axes stabilized, lightweight and very agile satellite platforms enable to acquire high quantities of accurate images in each satellite pass.

IAI/MBT Space Division also develops and manufactures the “EROS” series of commercial high resolution observation satellites for ImageSat International (ISI) Ltd. EROS-A, and EROS B, the first in the constellation, are operating simultaneously in heliosynchronous orbits, providing ISI's customers short re-visit times.

Additionally a new Radar observation satellite for all weather and night observation, the TECSAR, is being developed by the IAI/MBT Space Division. The satellite is based on the same small multi-purpose generic platform as the OptSat 3000, and it uses a sophisticated SAR antenna provided by IAI/ELTA.

IAI's numerous in-orbit satellites are all tracked and controlled by the Ground Control Stations located under the same roof at IAI/MBT Space Division. This division houses all the facilities related to the design, development, integration, testing and total tracking and control of its satellites, and serves as the leading space center for the State of Israel.

The latest generation, very high resolution OptSat 3000, represents an additional important milestone in the enhancement of the technological and space development capabilities of IAI. The newcomer will soon join in-orbit satellites fleet of IAI/MBT Space Division.

For further information, please contact:

Doron Suslik
Deputy Corporate Vice President for Communications
Tel: 972 (3) 935-8509
Fax: 972 (3) 935-8512
Email: hpaz@iai.co.il

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