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EADS Astrium imagery applications for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security

Amsterdam, Friedrichshafen, Stevenage, Toulouse, 15 February 2005

EADS Astrium has invested in space imagery applications, both within the company and through its subsidiaries and various partnerships. It has developed:

* tools for Private Public Partnership (PPP) projects
* operational Earth observation applications, in cooperation with users to meet their demands.

PPP programmes:

In conjunction with CNES (the French National Space Agency), it has funded the High Resolution Stereoscopic (HRS) instrument which will enable the acquisition of stereoscopic images of large areas (600 km x 120 km). From these images, Digital Terrain Models (DTM) with a 10 metre resolution can be produced for use in an increasing number of fields where detailed information on land relief is required. These include cartography, civil and military databases, telecommunications in particular for mobile telephone networks and airport approaches..

EADS Astrium has also contributed with DLR (the German Space Agency), to the funding of the Terra-SAR satellite-based radar, within a Private Public Partnership (PPP). This one-tonne radar satellite, which is to be launched in 2006, will provide high-resolution imagery of the Earth’s surface which can be acquired both day and night and through cloud cover. DLR will be responsible for scientific operations, whereas the commercial marketing of the data will be the responsibility of Infoterra GmbH, a 100% owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium, which specialises in the gathering and processing of satellite data.

Development of value added services

Through its European subsidiaries Infoterra and Spot Image, EADS Astrium is developing information supply services tailored to the needs of the end-user.

Commercial data or information services

In conjunction with Arvalis, the French Institut Technique des Céréales and Cetiom, EADS Astrium has been providing satellite data for several years through services such as Farmstar to enable farmers to manage crops within field scale, allowing the precise application of fertiliser to maximise yields.. Growing awareness of the benefits to farmers has led to an increase from 100,000 ha of wheat and rape under contract in 2004, to, some 180,000 ha in 2005 – all of which will be marketed by 15 co-operatives in France.

Other applications that are already pre-operational include agricultural registration assistance tools, oil, gas and mineral exploration products, and consultancy for town planning.

The business activities of these subsidiaries and partnerships are already generating a turnover of some €80 million. Approximately €60 million of this is from the sale of Spot Image data, with €20 million from Infoterra and EADS Astrium’s aircraft and space observation applications.

Development of applications for risk monitoring

EURORISK is a European-wide approach for the development, deployment and operation of new information services for risk management. EURORISK is a consortium of 60 partners across 15 nations, steered by EumetNet (Météo-France), national civil defence organisations, EADS Astrium and other users, manufacturers, operators and scientists. Its purpose is to harmonise the tools used in order to obtain better forecasts and more efficient risk management.

The following are currently fully operational in Europe:

* Monitoring of fire ravaged areas: seasonal, high-resolution cartography of areas affected by forest fires in France, Spain and Italy
* Cartography of high risk areas: high and very high resolution cartography of changes in housing and local infrastructure in high risk areas in France
* Flood risk assessment: Analysis of flood risks and assessment of potential losses, based on historical data and simulation in Germany and Sweden
* Monitoring of flood water: real-time surveillance to predict fast-rising flood water in France and Italy.

The following services will be available over the next few years:

* In 2005:

    o Monitoring and rapid mapping of flood areas: 24 hour service to enable data acquisition, systematic cartography and monitoring of floods at 10 metre resolution in France, Germany, Sweden and the UK
    o Medium-resolution monitoring of forest fires: overall medium-resolution monitoring of fires: 1 km with NOAA/FENG YUN and 250 m with MODIS covering five countries in southern Europe.
Scheduled for 2006 onwards:
    o Dynamic fire risk indices: daily fire risk map based on meteorological forecasts and space observation data. Extension of fire indices provided by weather forecasting.
    o Forestation: regular high-resolution cartography (yearly or less) of vegetation and combustible material in fire sensitive areas (one pilot region from one of five southern European countries).

Services for atmospheric risks:

* Flooding forecasts and advance warnings from 10 days
* Storm risk cartography
* 10 day advance warning of storms
* High wind and storm alerts

Services for geophysical risks:

* Monitoring of earthquakes and damage assessment
* Monitoring of volcanoes and damage assessment
* Monitoring of tectonic plate movement
* Landslip forecasting.

Industrial risk services

Humanitarian aid:

Infoterra UK is leading the Respond project aimed at providing NGOs with the tools they need to facilitate their work. Maps and analysis documents covering affected regions assist in determining areas for priority.

Ths Respond project has already been used in the Darfour region and for areas affected by the tsunami in south east Asia. Maps and images for operators in India and Sri Lanka have been provided to high-level international policy forming meetings, where they were used to help assess the aid requirements of particular regions, and also passed on to humanitarian organisations.

Through its expertise both as a manufacturer of satellites and as a supplier of value added services, EADS Astrium is ideally placed to develop new earth observation applications more closely suited to users’ needs. This will also contribute towards the development of SENTINEL satellites.

EADS SPACE shortly intends to bring together its businesses in the UK, France and Germany in a fully integrated structure known as Infoterra Global. This will provide a unified European business more responsive to customers’ needs.

Communications and navigation satellites also contribute to safety. In the field of satellite positioning, EADS SPACE is part of the iNavSat consortium for the Galileo programme together with Inmarsat Ventures and the Thales Group. As a group they are joint European leaders in the aerospace, satellite-based mobile communications, and navigation products and services markets. They bring to the Galileo programme exceptional experience and expertise, including Skynet 5/Paradigm, the leading European programme for communication satellite operations, and the EGNOS satellite-based navigation system in which Thales is playing a major role and for which the signals are broadcast via Inmarsat satellites.

EADS Astrium

EADS Astrium is Europe's leading satellite specialist. Its activities cover complete civil and military telecommunications and Earth observation systems, science and navigation programmes, and all spacecraft avionics and equipment.

EADS Astrium is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS SPACE, which is dedicated to providing civil and defence space systems. In 2003, EADS SPACE had a turnover of more than €2.4 billion and about 12,000 employees in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2003, EADS generated revenues of €30.1 billion and employed a workforce of more than 100,000.

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