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Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile System Completes Successful Interception at Point Mugu in a Joint U.S- Israel Test Program

Jul 29, 2004

Following is Israel Ministry of Defense Spokespersons' Announcement:

An Arrow anti-ballistic missile successfully intercepted and destroyed a target today during a joint United States-Israel test program.

The test was part of the ongoing Arrow System Improvement Program (ASIP), which is carried out by Israel and the United States. This was the twelfth Arrow intercept test and the seventh test of the complete Arrow system. The test was conducted at the Point Mugu Sea Range in California. The objectives of the test were to demonstrate the Arrow system's improved performance against a target that represents a threat to Israel. The test represented a realistic scenario that could not have been tested in Israel due to test-field safety restrictions.

The target, representing a real threat in the region, was launched from a maritime platform and was supplied by the MDA Targets Office.

The target trajectory demonstrated an operational scenario and all the Arrow system components performed successfully in their full operational configuration.

The Arrow System was developed jointly by Israel and the United States and is managed by the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) in close cooperation with the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

Israel Aircraft Industries/MLM Division is the prime contractor for the Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile System.

The system consists of the "Green Pine" Fire control Radar (FCR), developed by ELTA systems, the "Citron Tree" Battle Management Center (BMC), developed by Tadiran Systems and the "Hazelnut Tree" Launch Control Center (LCC), operational launcher and interceptors developed by MLM. Other components made by IAI, IMI and Rafael participated in the test.

Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile System is an Israel Air Force (IAF) operational system. The success of this test is an important step in proving the system's operational ability and its response to the existing and growing threat of ballistic missiles in our region. The successful test highlights the co-operation between the U.S and Israeli governments in ballistic missile defense.

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