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Successful demonstration of MEADS system performance

Objectives of Risk Reduction Effort Phase achieved

Berlin, 10 May 2004

A successful system demonstration on 6 May 2004 in Pratica di Mare near Rome (Italy) signalled the end of the three-year Risk Reduction Effort phase (RRE phase) for the MEADS ground-based air defence system. The required performance levels were achieved 100 percent. Representatives from the three countries involved in the MEADS program (Germany, Italy and the USA) took part in the system demonstration.

For the first time the demonstration involved the use of a prototype of a new high-performance fire control radar and specially developed software together with the command centre, launcher and the PAC 3 (Patriot Advanced Capability 3) missile. The "roll-on/roll-off" capability of the newly developed launcher for the C130 transport aircraft was also demonstrated successfully.

"We and our partners at MEADS International, Lockheed Martin and MDBA Italy, are proud to have achieved the objectives set for the RRE phase by our customers. We have thus met one of the key requirements for concluding the trilateral development agreement for MEADS in the coming months", said Werner Kaltenegger, CEO of EADS/LFK, during a meeting of experts at ILA 2004.

The RRE phase included system engineering tasks as well as the development and test of key technologies for MEADS in order to reduce the risks for the development phase. Additionally the integration of the PAC 3 missile into MEADS has been analysed.

MEADS protects own and allied forces in out-of-area operations, the civilian population in crisis regions and important sites in the context of Homeland and NATO territory defence. The MEADS ground-based air defence system covers the entire threat suite from air breathers up to tactical ballistic missiles with a range of 1000 km carrying biological and chemical warheads (for which "hit-to-kill" technology is required).

Only MEADS meets the specifications of the "International Common Operational Requirements" (ICOR) and the associated specifications of the "International Technical Requirements Document" (ITRD), which Germany has agreed upon together with Italy and the USA and to which these countries have trilateral commited. Moreover, only MEADS meets the requirements of the German Luftwaffe for a new generation air defence system (LVSysNG).

Equipped with a 360 degree surveillance radar, a fire control radar, a state-of-the-art tactical operations centre, "hit-to-kill" missiles (PAC 3) and its network centric hardware and software structure (netted-distributed) the system configuration can be adopted to any specific threat (flexibility/modularity). The system is cost-effective, is designed to roll-on/roll-off C130 and A400M transport aircraft (a quantum leap in terms of mobility over systems such as Patriot) and can also integrate other sensors and effectors due to its "plug-and-fight" capability (open, networked system architecture). The trinational approach ensures interoperability in international alliances. The sensors can detect low flying targets and TBMs and offer 360 degree coverage.

The MEADS tasks are performed on the basis of an equal partnership. The financial share of the program is USA 55%, Germany 28% and Italy 17%. The technical work share of the companies involved – EADS/LFK (Germany), MBDA-IT (Italy) and Lockheed Martin (USA) – is in line with the percentages of the respective contributions to the costs. The European companies control their activities through the joint venture company euroMeads GmbH which, like Lockheed Martin, has a 50 percent share in MEADS International Inc.

The Business Unit EADS/LFK develops and manufactures guided missile systems and is an integrated part of the EADS Defence and Security Systems Division (DS).

With revenues of approx. € 5.2 bn in 2003 and roughly 24,000 employees across nine nations, DS forms the defence pole within EADS. It offers integrated systems solutions to the new challenges confronting armed forces and homeland security units. It is active in the areas of military aircraft, missile systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems with manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), battlefield management systems, defence electronics, sensors and avionics, and related services.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2003, the Group generated revenues of € 30 billion and employed a workforce of more than 109,000.

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