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Joseph Weiss, General Manager MBT Space Division at IAI: "AMOS 2 Communications Satellite is Additional Proof of IAI's Technological Abilities and to its Well-Respected Place in the Elite Group of Developers and Manufacturers of Satellites Worldwide"

Dec 15, 2003

On the occasion of the upcoming launch of the AMOS 2 communications satellite, manufactured by Israel Aircraft Israel (IAI), a press conference was held today (December 15, 2003) by the owner of the satellite,Spacecom Company. David Pollack - CEO Spacecom, Joseph Weiss - General Manager of MBT Space Division in IAI's Systems Missiles & Space Group and Victor Nikolaev - COO Starsem, spoke at the press conference.

The AMOS 2 communications satellite is scheduled to be launched into orbit on December 27, 2003, 23:30 (Israel time), by the Soyuz launcher, from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The launch operation is conducted by Starsem, a French-Russian venture for space launching.

David Pollack, CEO Spacecom said that AMOS 1, active from 1996, will join the AMOS 2 satellite, and will provide direct-to-home television, data transmission and distribution of Internet services. Pollack said that Spacecom has many customers in Europe who are interested in satellite-oriented services. Pollack said that "Spacecom has an excellent experience with IAI. We believe in IAI's high technological abilities." Pollack anticipates future income from marketing of AMOS 2 services at about $400 million. He added that additional income will lead to ordering a third satellite in the AMOS family. IAI holds 25 percent of Spacecom's shares.

Joseph Weiss, General Manager MBT Space Division, the AMOS 2 manufacturer, pointed out to the tremendous technological achievement of quickly transitioning the launch to the Soyuz launcher instead of the French Ariane launcher. The launchers were switched because of an unexpected mishap that occurred in the Ariane launcher, which would have resulted in a long postponement of the launch, which both IAI and Spacecom wanted to avoid.
Weiss said that "AMOS 2 communications satellite is an additional proof of IAI's technological abilities and its well-respected place in the elite group of developers and manufacturers of satellites worldwide." Weiss added that the new satellite will include three beams, pointing at North America's East Coast, the Middle East and Europe. "We raised the capacity of each transponder and the quantity of transponders in the satellite, so its capabilities are almost double than its predecessor," added Weiss.

Victor Nikolaev, Starsem's Chief Operating Officer (COO), said that the fourth stage of the launcher (named FREGAT), which the satellite is mounted on, goes into the final stages of mounting on the launcher, and that the launch is scheduled to take place on time. Nikolaev pointed out that the Soyuz launcher has conducted more than 1600 successful launches, and that the launches included sending humans to space. "We believe in our launcher and we are positive that it will bring success and pride to your country," added Nikolaev.

The AMOS 2 satellite is based on AMOS 1 platform with new technological improvements. The modifications were introduced in order to meet Spacecom mission requirements, regarding mainly to the performance of the communications payload, operated in the Ku frequency band, the number of active transponders and their output power, and service areas.


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