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Boeing Wins First Contract For Linearized Satellite Amplifiers Valued At Up To $16 Million

TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. 10, 2001 -- Boeing Electron Dynamic Devices (EDD), the leading manufacturer of power and propulsion components for space applications, has received its first contract for linearized traveling wave tube amplifiers (LTWTAs). Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) recently placed an order for 32 C-Band LTWTAs in a contract initially worth $5 million, with a total value of up to $16 million. EDD is a business of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA).

"We have successfully executed on our plan to offer LTWTAs to our customers," said Charles Toups, general manager of EDD. "By being able to procure, integrate and test all of the components in the microwave high power amplifier chain, we are able to provide our customers the convenience of a single source for the LTWTA while delivering a more robust space-qualified product."

The LTWTAs will be used on a C-band commercial geosynchronous satellite being built by Orbital for PanAmSat Corporation. Should PanAmSat exercise additional satellite options with Orbital, EDD will produce LTWTAs for two additional flight sets.

Communication satellites use traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers as the final amplifier to transmit very low level radio frequency signals back to Earth for a variety of applications including voice, TV and data. On satellites that carry a large number of signals, a linearizer is added to the TWT to cancel the amplifier distortion. This results in clearer communications that benefit the customers of the satellite operator. The final assembly is referred to as an LWTA.

A typical TWTA assembly consists of a traveling wave tube and its associated Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC). Each LTWTA for Orbital will include a 37-watt Model 8560Hx C-band TWT, a Model 2000Hx electronic power conditioner (EPC), and a linearizer from Narda Microwave West in Folsom, Calif. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in December 2001 and be completed next February.

Orbital develops, manufactures and operates highly reliable and affordable space systems, including low-Earth orbit and geosynchronous orbit satellites, space launch vehicles and missile defense target launch vehicles. Orbital is also involved with satellite-based networks that provide wireless data communications, high-resolution Earth imagery and transportation management systems to customers all around the world. Orbital is based in Dulles, Va. and employs about 2,200 people. More information about Orbital can be found at:

Boeing Electron Dynamic Devices is a world leader in the design and manufacture of microwave, traveling wave-tube amplifiers, and ion thrusters for commercial and military applications as well as world class bus and payload electronics.

The Boeing Company is the largest aerospace company in the world and the United States' leading exporter. It is NASA's largest contractor and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. The company's capabilities in aerospace also include rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, rocket engines, launch vehicles, satellites, and advanced information and communication systems. The company has an extensive global reach with customers in 145 countries.


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