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hard.copy Update 11/20/98



BMDO Will Use Added $1 Billion To Enhance Testing. Aerospace Daily, Nov 13, 1998, pp 249-250

BMDO plans to spend the $1B added funds to enhance testing and accelerate a handful of development activities, including NMD, PAC-3, THAAD, and Navy TBMD. MEADS will not benefit from this Congressional budget boost.

Descriptors, Keywords: BMDO FY99 funding testing development NMD PAC-3 THAAD Navy TBMD MEADS

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 01


Clinton Releases Funds To Beef Up DoD Readiness. Aerospace Daily, Nov 12, 1998, p 241

As part of an omnibus supplemental appropriation package passed recently by Congress, Pres Clinton released $1.1B in military readiness funding. This money will be used to boost the services' readiness accounts.

Descriptors, Keywords: readiness omnibus supplemental appropriations Clinton defense budget

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 02


DoD Seen Backing Away From Joint TMD Work With Japan. Aerospace Daily, Nov 16, 1998, p 264

BMDO is unlikely to offer extensive TMD cooperation to Japan, because the Japanese do not have adequate funds to engage in large scale projects at this time. Any cooperation will probably be limited to early warning projects, according to an unnamed source.

Descriptors, Keywords: Japan US TMD early warning BMDO funding

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 03


MOD Report Warns Of Iraqi Weapons Potential. Aerospace Daily, Nov 16, 1998, p 261

Britain's Defense Ministry issued a report on November 12 warning that without renewed US and UK attacks to support UNSCOM inspection, Iraq would increase its nuclear, chemical and biological capabilities. Highlights of the report are discussed.

Descriptors, Keywords: Iraq WMD nuclear chemical biological weapon London UK Defense Ministry report UNSCOM inspection renew attack

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 04


US To Deploy Intelligence, Surveillance Aircraft. Aerospace Daily, Nov 13, 1998, p 252

The AF will send several surveillance and intelligence aircraft to undisclosed Gulf countries in support of possible military action against Iraq.

Descriptors, Keywords: Iraq UNSCOM inspection WMD nuclear chemical biological weapon AF surveillance intelligence

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 05


Simulation Boosts Interest In Improved Hellfire. Aerospace Daily, Nov 17, 1998, p 267

Army and Marine Corps have used a recent simulation of the Hellfire advanced air-to-ground missiles to demonstrate potential value of the system for better range, speed, and seeker performance.

Descriptors, Keywords: Hellfire advanced air ground missile simulation Army Marine Corps

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 06


UK Tomahawk Test Clears Way For Missile IOC. Aerospace Daily, Nov 19, 1998, p 284

The British Royal Navy successfully conducted the first live warhead test firing of a Tomahawk land attack missile that should allow the service to declare initial operational capability of the weapon in the next few weeks.

Descriptors, Keywords: British Royal Navy warhead test Tomahawk land attack missile

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 07


US Builds Up Combat Aircraft For Possible Iraq Strikes. Aerospace Daily, Nov 12, 1998, p 241

SecDef Cohen has ordered large scale buildup of US combat aircraft in countries surrounding the Arabian Gulf in preparation for possible military action against Iraq.

Descriptors, Keywords: Readiness Cohen Iraq aircraft UNSCOM WMD nuclear chemical biological weapon

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 08


DoD Announces Sites For NMD Environmental Studies. Aerospace Daily, Nov 18, 1998, p 274

The Pentagon on November 17 made public the list of sites in Alaska and North Dakota where it intends to conduct environmental impact studies for possible future deployment of a NMD system. The purpose of environmental studies is to give the public and concerned groups the opportunity to provide input, and in no way indicates intent to deploy a NMD system at the location.

Descriptors, Keywords: NMD site selection North Dakota Alaska public list

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 09


Pentagon Picks Alaska Sites For NMD Environmental Impact Study. Aerospace Daily, Nov 17, 1998, pp 265, 268

This article announces the publicly available list of NMD sites for environmental impact studies. If selected for NMD deployment, some of the sites in Alaska could violate the 1972 ABM Treaty.

Descriptors, Keywords: NMD environmental impact study public list Alaska North Dakota ABM Treaty potential violation

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 10


Navy Theater Wide Could Be Deployed Five Years Early. Aerospace Daily, Nov 18, 1998, p 275

Using only a portion of the $1B plus-up for FY99, the NTW BMD program could be accelerated as much as five years. FY99 defense budget amounts and targeted programs are discussed, as well as deployment schedule for NTW.

Descriptors, Keywords: NTW early deploy FY99

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 11


Scuds Spur SAMX Solution. Aviation Week & Space Technology. Paul Proctor, Nov 09, 1998, p 25

Raytheon is the prime candidate to replace South Korea's Nike Hercules surface-to-air missiles with the Patriot. Called SAMX, the program is to initially involve one battalion of six Patriot missiles with four firing batteries and one training battery. Although the program is on hold until 2000, increased North Korean Scud manufacturing activities have increased the program's profile. US Forces Korea estimates North Korea could have as may as 1,000 Scud missiles.

Descriptors, Keywords: Raytheon SAMX Program Patriot North Korea Scud

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 12


In Orbit: Blastoff. Aviation Week & Space Technology. Joseph C. Anselmo, Nov 16, 1998, p 21

The launch of a modified Minuteman 2 inaugurated operations at Alaska's new spaceport on Kodiak Island. The Nov. 5 suborbital mission simulated an incoming missile attack for the U.S. Air Force's Atmospheric Interceptor Technology Program. A second test is scheduled for next August.

Descriptors, Keywords: AIT Atmospheric Interceptor Technology Program Kodiak Island Alaska

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 13


US Customs Helps The Effort To Stop Nuke Smuggling. BMD Monitor, Nov 13, 1998, p 380

The US Customs Service, working with DoD, has developed the only training course in the world that allows law enforcement officers to train on special nuclear materials, radioactive isotopes and nuclear dual use materials.

Descriptors, Keywords: US Customs Service nuclear smuggling WMD training Russia

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 14


Missile-Tracking Satellites' Cost Jumps $1 Billion Plus. BMD Monitor, Nov 13, 1998, p 387-388

SBIRS high and SBIRS low contracts to build demonstration versions of new US missile-tracking satellites are showing cost growth of $200M.

Descriptors, Keywords: cost overrun SBIRS High SBIRS Low missile tracking

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 15


UN / Iraq Deadlock Continues. BMD Monitor, Nov 13, 1998, p 382

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has no plans to visit Iraq and try to move the regime toward reinstating weapons inspections. This article summarizes the present Iraqi - UNSCOM standoff and provides brief history.

Descriptors, Keywords: Iraq UNSCOM inspection history summary

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 16


BEI Expects BMDO SETA Work. BMD Monitor, Nov 13, 1998, p 390

Bunyard Enterprises, Inc expects a contract for missile defense scientific, engineering and technical assistance from BMDO, as a follow-on to an existing contract.

Descriptors, Keywords: Bunyard Enterprises SETA BMDO contract add on

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 17


US Introduces Draft Resolution On Bilateral Nuclear Arms Negotiations. BMD Monitor, Nov 13, 1998, p 380

The UN First Committee on October 28 introduced a draft resolution on bilateral nuclear arms reduction and nuclear disarmament, on behalf of the US, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Descriptors, Keywords: UN First Committee nuclear reduction disarmament Russia Belarus Kazakhstan Ukraine

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 18


Navy Readies For Critical TBMD Testing. BMD Monitor, Nov 13, 1998, pP 377-387

The Navy's TBMD program will undergo some critical testing over the next thirty months, during which about 35 missiles will be fired against TBMs in the Navy Area and Theater Wide programs.

Descriptors, Keywords: Navy TBMD testing evaluation missile

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 19


US, Israel Sign New Pact To Strengthen Strategic Relations. BMD Monitor, Nov 13, 1998, p 379

A new joint strategic planning group will be formed to find ways to improve strategic, military and technical relations between the US and Israel. The October 31 MoA acknowledges potential threat to Israel posed by the proliferation of WMD and ballistic missiles in the Gulf region.

Descriptors, Keywords: MoA joint strategic planning group US Israel threat WMD proliferation BMD

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 20


DRB Antimissile Meeting Rescheduled For Nov. 23. Defense Daily. Vago Muradian, Nov 17, 1998, p 4

A meeting of the Defense Resources Board (DRB) that will address funding of major Defense Department antimissile efforts has been rescheduled for November 23. The DRB is the Pentagon's top budget panel and is chaired by DDS John Hamre. Programs that are slated to be discussed at the meeting are major BMDO efforts such as THAAD, PAC-3, MEADS, and Navy Upper Tier.

Descriptors, Keywords: Defense Resources Board DRB Hamre budget panel THAAD MEADS PAC-3 Navy Upper Tier

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 21


US, Allies Sharing Y2K Solutions. Defense Daily. Frank Wolfe, Nov 20, 1998, pP 3-4

The Pentagon is sharing with allies and partners solutions to the massive Year 2000 (Y2K) problem, which threatens to shut down important military systems if software code is not rewritten to accurately compute the Year 2000 date.

Descriptors, Keywords: US UK allies Y2K solution

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 22


Spence, Hunter Brief Republicans On Defense Shortfalls. Defense Daily. Sheila Foote, Nov 20, 1998, p 1

The new House Republican leadership appears to be committed in principle to a strong defense, but it is unclear yet how this will translate into support for more defense dollars or for specific programs.

Descriptors, Keywords: Republicans defense shortfalls HNSC underfunded

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 23


Reporters' Notebook: Can't Touch This. Defense Week, Nov 16, 1998, p 4

This article asserts that Hans Mark, director of defense research and engineering, has twice refused to say what other top officials have repeatedly said about the THAAD system: that its inability to intercept five test targets so far is due to reliability and quality control problems--not to a design flaw.

Descriptors, Keywords: Mark THAAD design reliability

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 24


Letter to the Editor. Defense Week, Nov 16, 1998, p 2

This letter is a rebuttal of the article by Loren Thompson, "Missile Defense: 'Can't Do' Attitude Is Real Enemy," published in the November 9, 1998 issue.

Descriptors, Keywords: rebuttal letter editor missile defense Thompson Smith

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 25


THAAD's Future Could Be Clearer Soon; Radical Overhaul Still An Option. Inside Missile Defense. Daniel G. Dupont, Nov 11, 1998, pp 21-22

The future of the Army's THAAD missile program may soon be better defined after the Defense Resources Board meets to address a host of missile defense matters, with the termination of the current THAAD program still a viable option.

Descriptors, Keywords: THAAD Army missile DRB

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 26


White House To Certify No ABM Treaty Expansion Ongoing, Official Says. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Nov 11, 1998, pp 12-14

In order to comply with a provision in the recent FY99 Omnibus Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, the Clinton administration plans to certify to the Republican-led Congress that no implementation of a multilateralization amendment to the ABM Treaty will occur before the Senate has had the opportunity to debate the agreement.

Descriptors, Keywords: ABM Treaty expansion FY99 Omnibus amendment

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 27


BMDO: NMD Cost Overruns Have Stabilized, Cost Mitigation Efforts Are Ongoing. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Nov 11, 1998, pp 1, 16-17

Efforts by the NMD JPO and Boeing, the prime NMD contractor, are underway to stabilize cost overruns generated by older, existing NMD contracts and have achieved some success to date.

Descriptors, Keywords: NMD JPO Boeing cost overruns LSI

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 28


Senators: Arrow, NTW Should Get Omnibus Missile Defense Money. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Nov 11, 1998, pp 1, 10-11

In a letter submitted the same day the FY99 Omnibus Emergency Appropriations Act became law, a bipartisan group of senators called on Sec Def Cohen to allocate portions of the $1b provided through the bill for missile defense to the Navy Theater Wide and Israeli Arrow theater missile defense programs. The Senate Letter to Cohen on Missile Defense Spending is included with this article.

Descriptors, Keywords: Navy Theater Wide Israel Arrow TMD FY99 Omnibus

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 29


DDR&E Now Assists USD(A&T) In Day-To-Day Oversight Of BMDO, Mark Says. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Nov 11, 1998, p 6

After several months of Pentagon evasiveness on the matter, Hans Mark, Director of DR&E, confirmed last week he has assumed a greater role than his predecessor in helping USD(A&T) Jacques Gansler with the day-to-day management of BMDO. That change will be reflected shortly in a revision to the directive outlining BMDO's purpose and mission,

Descriptors, Keywords: Mark Gansler Lyles oversight DDR&E USD(A&T)

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 30


Congress Wants Report On Iraqi Weapons Of Mass Destruction Development. Inside Missile Defense. Keith Costa, Nov 11, 1998, p 17

The FY99 Omnibus Appropriations Act, signed into law last month by President Clinton, calls on the president to supply a report on Iraqi development of weapons of mass destruction. The report will include the president's assessment of the International Atomic Energy Agency's inspection team reports and "other IAEA efforts to monitor the extent and nature of Iraq's nuclear program."

Descriptors, Keywords: FY99 Omnibus Appropriations Act Clinton Iraq WMD inspection

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 31


Navy Official Envisions US-Japan Agreement On TMD Research By Summer. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Nov 11, 1998, pp 1-2

After years of joint studies and discussions, Japanese and US officials have identified the most promising areas of potential joint theater missile defense research and the US is hopeful to conclude an agreement by mid-1999 to commence cooperative US-Japanese development of those projects, according to R/A Rempt.

Descriptors, Keywords: Rempt Navy US Japan Agreement TMD research

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 32


Navy Looks For $250 Million From Missile Defense Supplemental Package. Inside Missile Defense. Thomas Duffy, Nov 11, 1998, p 12

Senior Navy missile defense officials are suggesting that one-quarter of the $1b windfall Congress gave DoD for missile defense projects in FY99 should be reserved for the Navy's Theater Wide program.

Descriptors, Keywords: Navy Theater Wide FY99 Omnibus appropriations

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 33


AIT Testbed Will Develop Up To Three Major Missile Defense Upgrades. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Nov 11, 1998, p 8

The recent AIT testbed contract signed with Raytheon holds the potential for developing up to three major leading edge technology upgrades that would be applied to enhance the performance of US theater missile defense systems.

Descriptors, Keywords: AIT testbed technology upgrade TMD

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 34


US Enacts Implementation Language For Chemical Weapons Convention. Inside Missile Defense. Keith Costa, Nov 11, 1998, pp 15-16

President Clinton has signed legislation that implements provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention, a multilateral treaty ratified by the Senate last year that prohibits the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition and use of chemical weapons.

Descriptors, Keywords: Clinton Chemical Weapons Convention treaty

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 35


Allies Might Back PAC-3 MEADS Concept If US Can Prove Its Feasibility. Inside Missile Defense. Stephanie Rosenfeld, Nov 11, 1998, pp 23-24

According to officials from all three countries, Germany and Italy may be willing to join the US in a cooperative project to build a MEADS around the US Patriot PAC-3 missile if Pentagon officials can prove the concept makes technological and fiscal sense.

Descriptors, Keywords: MEADS PAC-3 US Italy Germany missile cooperative project

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 36


Next PAC-3 Flight Test Delayed, Again, Until Mid-January, Perhaps Later. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Nov 11, 1998, p 3

Despite the Army's expectation that it will be able to achieve two successful intercepts in FY99 so it can fund low-rate initial production of the PAC-3 missile, the next planned flight test for the system has been delayed once again with the potential for further delays, according to service documents and informed sources.

Descriptors, Keywords: PAC-3 flight test delay

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 37


US-Israeli Security Deal Lays Foundation For Greater TMD Cooperation. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Nov 11, 1998, pp 4-5

The US and Israel signed an agreement October 31 that establishes the principles to enhance Israel's defensive and deterrent capabilities against the regional threats facing the Middle East nation.

Descriptors, Keywords: Israel US TMD cooperation security

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 38


Japan: 'N Korea's August Launch Was Missile Test'. Jane's Defence Weekly. Paul Beaver, Nov 11, 1998, p 6

Japan's Defense Agency (JDA) has concluded that the North Korean missile launch last August was a test of a multi-stage missile system and not a satellite launch, according to a report selectively released on 30 October. "The primary objective was to verify various technological aspects with an intention to develop longer range missiles," the report said. "North Korea's missile development has been progressing rapidly."

Descriptors, Keywords: North Korea Multi Stage Missile Launch Japan Defense Agency Proliferation

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 39


First Kodiac Launch To Test GPS Range Tracking. Military Space, Nov 09, 1998, pp 4, 6-7

The AIT-1 will carry a payload that contains five experiments that will test atmospheric technologies. The reentry portion of the vehicle, which is everything on top of the second stage (the M57), contains the payload. The five experiments in the payload are: the Global Positioning System antenna experiment, Honeywell GPS/Inertial Measurement Unit, Coherent Electromagnetic Radio Tomography experiment, Langmuir probe and an Air Force nosetip.

Descriptors, Keywords: AIT Atmospheric Interceptor Technology Program Payload

UPDATE: Nov 20, 1998, No. 40

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