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hard.copy Update 09/04/98



Senate May Vote 'In Next Week' On Missile Defense, Lott Says. Aerospace Daily, Sep 01, 1998, pp 341-342

The Senate Republican leadership is considering a Senate vote next week on a bill making it the policy of the US to deploy 'as soon as technologically feasible' a NMD to protect against limited threat, according to Sen Trent Lott (R-MS).

Descriptors, Keywords: NMD Senate vote Korea BMD Sea Japan ICBM

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 01


North Korea In First Taepo Dong I Test. Aerospace Daily, Sep 01, 1998, pp 341-344

North Korea conducted the first test of its two stage Taepo Dong I ballistic missile at a range of 1,500km, firing across Japan and into the Pacific Ocean. US intelligence have been expecting this missile test for about a year, and categorized them as a serious development. The Taepo Dong has a range of 1,500 to 2,000km. The distance flown indicates a successful test. The missile's path was exoatmospheric.

Descriptors, Keywords: Taepo Dong I Scud intermediate range ballistic missile North Korea test Japan

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 02


NMD JPO Releases List Of LSI Subcontractors. Aerospace Daily, Sep 01, 1998, pp 346-347

The NMD JPO released a list of subcontractors working with the NMD LSI Boeing Co. A list of LSI team members is included in the article.

Descriptors, Keywords: NMD LSI subcontractor list Boeing

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 03


Taepo Dong Gives North Korea 'Strategic' Capability. Aerospace Daily, Sep 02, 1998, p 350

North Korea's successful test of the Taepo Dong I raises concerns in the DoD. Although not an ICBM, it has longer range. Also there is concern whether the existing TMD system, the Patriot, could defend against the Taepo Dong.

Descriptors, Keywords: Taepo Dong I North Korea missile test ICBM exoatmospheric strategic capability

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 04


DoD Seeks Completion Of EFOGM Demonstration. Aerospace Daily, Sep 02, 1998, pp 354-355

The Pentagon is asking House appropriators to restore $30.4M of the FY 1999 budget request for the Enhanced Fiber Optic Guided Missile. These funds are needed to complete missile test flights and are part of the Rapid Force Protection Initiative extended user evaluation.

Descriptors, Keywords: Enhanced Fiber Optic-Guided Missile EFOGM Pentagon FY99 Appropriation Budget Request Army

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 05


Two-Year Delay Of THAAD Missile Tests Under Review. Aerospace Daily, Sep 03, 1998, pp 357-358

According to LtGen Lyles, BMDO may suspend testing of the THAAD missile for up to two years, until it can build a better set of missiles. The missiles tested to date have a range of quality control problems. However, a decision may be made to continue flight testing the existing missiles to collect data, particularly on missile performance in the last few seconds before intercept.

Descriptors, Keywords: THAAD test replace missile LtGen Lyles Defense Writers Group quality control evaluation endgame

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 06


THAAD Budget Options To Be Reviewed By Pentagon Board. Aerospace Daily, Aug 27, 1998, pp 317-318

BMDO and the Army are expected to present options for how to proceed with the THAAD missile program. Options to be discussed include canceling the program, naming a new prime contractor, bringing in a new missile program, and leaving the program as it is.

Descriptors, Keywords: THAAD budget review Pentagon review board BMDO Army option change

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 07


USAF Eyes Satellites As Augmentation For Joint STARS Fleet. Aerospace Daily, Aug 27, 1998, pp 317, 320

The USAF is considering acquisition of a space based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system to augment a small fleet of JSTARS aircraft and reduce the footprint of Air Expeditionary Forces.

Descriptors, Keywords: USAF SAR JSTARS Air Expeditionary Forces satellite

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 08


Smallsat Builder Bids For SBIRS. Aviation Week & Space Technology. Joseph C. Anselmo, Aug 31, 1998, p 26

Northrop Grumman has signed up with Spectrum Astro to compete against a Lockheed Martin/Boeing/Aerojet team and a TRW/Raytheon team to build an estimated two dozen satellites for SBIRS-Low. Spectrum Astro's SBIRS-Low bid calls for combining 20 IBM memory drives into a 28 lb. package to provide more than 1 terabit of memory using just 55 watts of power.

Descriptors, Keywords: SBIRS Low Smallsat Spectrum Astro Production SBIRS Low Pathfinder

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 09


Washington Outlook: Rumsfeld Rejected. Aviation Week & Space Technology. Paul Mann, Aug 31, 1998, p 21

The JCS rejected Rumsfeld Commission criticism of the Pentagon's missile defense program. JCS Chairman Henry H. Shelton's letter to Congress challenged the commission's claim of shrinking attack warning times, expressing confidence the intelligence community could provide the necessary warning if indigenous development and deployment of rouge ICBMs occurred. Shelton reaffirmed the Pentagon's existing missile defense timetable and continued adherence to the ABM Treaty as the cornerstone of strategic nuclear stability.

Descriptors, Keywords: Joint Chief of Staff Rumsfeld Commission CONUS Threat Henry H. Shelton

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 10


BMDO Chief Lyles Would Fund 'Backup' NMD Missile. Defense Daily. George Cahlink, Sep 04, 1998, p 5

LtGen Lyles, BMDO Director, said the agency will decide within a month whether to act on the recommendation of its lead system integrator (LSI) for NMD, Boeing, to accelerate the selection of an exoatmospheric kill vehicle (EKV). Currently, Raytheon and a separate Boeing team are competing to build the EKV, a missile that will be launched to intercept incoming warheads based on detailed data from an overall NMD sensor network.

Descriptors, Keywords: Lyles NMD missile backup funding kill vehicle EKV LSI

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 11


BMDO May Delay THAAD Flights For Two Years. Defense Daily. George Cahlink, Sep 03, 1998, pp 3-4

BMDO is considering delaying its THAAD missile system by as much as two years, according to LtGen Lyles, the director. This would allow new THAAD missiles to be built for flight testing rather than using existing missiles that have been plagued by quality control problems in five failed intercept attempts.

Descriptors, Keywords: THAAD missile test flight delay Lyles

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 12


Weldon Calls For Missile Defense Deployment. Defense Daily. Frank Wolfe, Sep 02, 1998, pp 3-4

In the wake of North Korea's launching on August 30 of its intermediate-range Taepo Dong 1 missile, the chairman of the HNSC research and development panel has called on the Clinton administration to commit to deploying a national missile defense capability to deter the launch of ballistic missiles by rogue countries or groups.

Descriptors, Keywords: Weldon deployment NMD ballistic missiles North Korea Taepo Dong 1

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 13


North Korean Test Likely To Influence NMD Debate, Kyl Says. Defense Daily. Sheila Foote, Sep 02, 1998, pp 7-8

Sen John Kyl (R-AZ), one of the Senate's leading advocates of legislation mandating development of a national missile defense (NMD) system, said that North Korea's recent test of a Taepo Dong I medium range ballistic missile and the warnings of the Rumsfeld Commission will provide new fuel for the arguments of missile defense proponents when the Senate attempts again to bring up the bill.

Descriptors, Keywords: North Korea Taepo Dong NMD Kyl deployment Rumsfeld Commission

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 14


BMDO Chief Seeking Affordable Missile Systems. Defense Daily. George Cahlink, Sep 04, 1998, p 1

According to LtGen Lyles, BMDO Director, the "affordability" of missile defense systems, not their success or failure, is the driving force in deciding whether they will be funded in the future. Lyles said he was not condemning decisions made in the past or asking for additional dollars for BMDO. Rather, he wants to emphasize system affordability rather than only performance and schedule.

Descriptors, Keywords: Lyles missile defense affordability THAAD MEADS PAC-3

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 15


Lott Says Senate May Consider More Funds For Defense. Defense Daily. Sheila Foote, Sep 01, 1998, pp 1-2

Senate Majority Leader Sen Trent Lott (R-MI), expressing concerns about the shape of the US military, said the Senate may consider adding more money to the defense budget this year. The House and Senate will begin meeting the week of September 14 to resolve differences in the two chambers' versions of the FY99 Defense Appropriations Bill, which provide about $250.3b for defense.

Descriptors, Keywords: FY99 Defense Appropriations Lott US military budget funds

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 16


Intelligence A Success On Latest Missile Launch, DoD Says. Defense Daily. Frank Wolfe, Sep 01, 1998, p 2

North Korea's launch of a Taepo Dong 1 missile did not catch the US intelligence community by surprise. Rep Curt Weldon (R-PA), HNSC, called on President Clinton to commit to deploying a NMD capability. Weldon said the administration's current "3+3" strategy was not funded and inadequate to meet the likely threat.

Descriptors, Keywords: Taepo Dong missile launch North Korea DPRK Weldon 3+3 strategy threat deployment NMD

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 17


Pentagon Still Weighing Acceleration Of Navy Upper Tier. Defense Daily. Frank Wolfe, Aug 31, 1998, p 6

DoD acquisition chief Jacques Gansler is still weighing the options for an acceleration of Navy upper tier missile defense. Currently, the system is scheduled for deployment in FY06.

Descriptors, Keywords: DoD Navy Upper Tier acceleration Gansler deployment

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 18


BMDO Names Subcontractors For NMD. Defense Daily, Sep 03, 1998, p 5

This is a list recently released by BMDO of subcontractors for the National Missile Defense program (NMD).

Descriptors, Keywords: list subcontractors NMD

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 19


GOP Senators Plan To Press Joint Chiefs On NMD At Upcoming Hearings. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Sep 02, 1998, pp 1, 7-9

Senate Republicans are expected to take advantage of two upcoming hearings to engage members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and SecDef William Cohen on National Missile Defense (NMD) in an open forum, according to Capitol Hill sources. Letters between Sen Inhofe and Gen Shelton are included with this article.

Descriptors, Keywords: GOP JCS NMD hearings Cohen Inhofe Shelton letters Thurmond SASC

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 20


Fiscal Crisis Forces OSD To Mull Radical Missile Defense Moves. Inside Missile Defense. Thomas Duffy, Sep 02, 1998, pp 1, 29

The Pentagon's ambitious plans to develop a family of theater missile defense systems are being seriously threatened by fiscal reality as officials within BMDO and OSD are considering wholesale changes to the TMD program. Among the options under consideration is the cancellation of the Army's THAAD system and the multi-national MEADS.

Descriptors, Keywords: OSD TMD THAAD MEADS fiscal crisis change

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 21


Shelton NMD Letter Fails To Address Rumsfeld Panel Findings Properly. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Sep 02, 1998, p 10

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Henry Shelton failed to accurately assess the evidence on the ballistic missile threat to the US provided by the Rumsfeld Commission in his recent letter of support for the administration's current NMD policy, according to a source close to the commission.

Descriptors, Keywords: Rumsfeld Commission estimate ballistic missile threat US Shelton NMD letter Inhofe

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 22


Pentagon Integrated Product Team Recommends Staying The Course On THAAD. Inside Missile Defense. Daniel G. Dupont, Sep 02, 1998, pp 1, 30-35

A team of senior-level Pentagon and service officials has recommended continuing with the THAAD program's demonstration/validation test phase, rejecting a range of alternatives that included termination and missile recompetition, but leaving the door open for either come the end of dem/val. The recommendation was made by an overarching integrated product team to Jacques Gansler, USD(A&T). It was backed earlier by both the Army and the Navy who had been asked by OSD and BMDO to comment on what THAAD termination and other alternatives would mean for the overall theater missile defense program. Both the Army and Navy response are reprinted along with this article.

Descriptors, Keywords: DoD THAAD dem/val test phase integrated product team Army Navy assessment TMD Options Gansler OSD

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 23


OSD Eyes Move Of BMDO Oversight: Critics Say Stature Of Agency Would Be Diminished. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak & Daniel G. Dupont, Sep 02, 1998, pp 1, 38-40

Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) officials are discussing plans to transfer day-to-day management oversight of BMDO from the Pentagon's top acquisition officer, Jacques Gansler, to an underlying office responsible for research and engineering (DDR&E) headed by Hans Mark.

Descriptors, Keywords: OSD DDR&E Gansler Mark Lyles Johnson oversight

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 24


Rumsfeld Commission To Release Unclassified Appendix In Mid-September. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Sep 02, 1998, pp 11-20

The Commission to Access the Ballistic Missile Threat to the US is planning to release, later this month, the lengthy collection of unclassified working papers it chartered from nonproliferation experts to assist it with its assessment. The nine-member panel, known as the Rumsfeld Commission after its chairman, Donald Rumsfeld, warned Congress on July 15 that the threat to the US from ballistic missiles is more mature and more difficult to detect than previous intelligence estimates have reported. Selections from the Rumsfeld Commission Roundtable Papers are included with this article.

Descriptors, Keywords: Rumsfeld Commission selection Roundtable Papers intelligence estimate ballistic missile threat US

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 25


MEADS Design And Development Downselect On Track For End Of Year. Inside Missile Defense. Michael C. Sirak, Sep 02, 1998, pp 4-5

Even with speculation that there is no funding available for the MEADS in future years, program officials continue to press ahead with development plans and expect to select the contracting team for the next phase of the program by the end of the year. Progress also continues on the next phase's required MOA between the US and its European program partners and the document is ready for staffing, according to an Army official.

Descriptors, Keywords: MEADS development contracting team MOA US Europe partners

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 26


House GOP Wants Changes Made To Specter Proliferation Panel Measure. Inside The Pentagon. Keith J. Costa, Aug 27, 1998, pp 23-25

The Senate version of the FY 99 defense appropriations bill includes an amendment that would revive the Commission to Assess the Organization of the Federal Government to Combat the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The group was established through the FY 1997 Intelligence Authorization Act. House lawmakers oppose this amendment because current members of the administration could still serve on the commission; no provision is included to keep the commission on its congressional mandate; there is no cap to funding for the commission's activities.

Descriptors, Keywords: House Senate Proliferation Panel commission organization federal government proliferation nuclear weapons

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 27


DoD Quarterly Y2K Report To OMB. Inside The Pentagon, Aug 27, 1998, pp 13-20

DoD's Y2K report to OMB is reprinted here, with exception of some graphs, charts, and appendices which could not be reproduced.

Descriptors, Keywords: Y2K compliance DoD annual report OMB

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 28


Message Makes Year 2000 An 'Operational' Issue: Cohen Memo On Y2K Repairs Welcomed As A Much-Needed Wake-Up Call. Inside The Pentagon. Darcia R. Harris, Aug 27, 1998, p 5

An August 7 memo from SecDef Cohen to the Pentagon senior leadership states that the DoD is making insufficient progress toward solving Y2K problems, and detailed consequences if certain deadlines for repairing and testing mission critical systems are not met.

Descriptors, Keywords: SecDef Cohen Y2K Pentagon Joint Staff memo mission critical consequences

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 29


China Seeks S-300 And Tor-M1 Systems. Jane's Defence Weekly, Sep 02, 1998, p 16

China has proposed acquisition from Russia of additional Almaz S-300 and Antey Tor-M1 air defense systems. The S-300 family of low-to-high altitude SAM systems are capable of multiple target engagements in a high threat environment in all weather conditions. The S-300PMU1 variant, which is believed to be in PLA service, can intercept aircraft-sized targets at ranges up to 150km and ballistic type targets at ranges up to 40km.

Descriptors, Keywords: SA-10 Grumble SA-15 Gauntlet Air Defense System SAM China Russia

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 30


Financial Crisis Slows But Fails To Halt East Asian Arms Race - Part Two. Jane's Intelligence Review. Frank Umbach, Sep 01, 1998, pp 27-37

While most Asian economies are in difficult financial straits, it does not appear to have slowed down the East Asian arms race. This affects US, Chinese, and Russian interests in the area. How the continued arms build up affects the three players is addressed.

Descriptors, Keywords: China Russia US financial crisis East Asia arms race military modernization long term security interest crisis management industry political issue arms export strategy India cooperative agreement ATBM S-300V buildup submarine sales market

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 31


Shahab 3 Test Provokes A Mixed Response. Jane's Intelligence Review, Sep 01, 1998, p 2

There has been a mixed response to Iran's firing of the Shahab-3 on 22 July. The US claimed the firing was only a partial success since the missile traveled for only 100 seconds before malfunctioning. However, the fact that Iran has this capability is troubling. Israel has enhanced its work on Arrow to deflect the Iranian threat. The Iranians claim the launch was totally successful.

Descriptors, Keywords: Shahab-3 ICBM international response political science international affairs missile firing Bacon accuracy Israel US Iran Pakistan Ghauri Shahab-3 R-12 CEP 2001

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 32


Fifty Years On, Israel Still Tied To Circles Of Defence - Part One. Jane's Intelligence Review. Andrew Duncan, Sep 01, 1998, pp 19-24

Israel's troubled history and relationships with its neighbors is discussed as well as security challenges Israel faces. The article addresses both conventional warfare and the long range missile threat.

Descriptors, Keywords: Israel security conventional warfare Egypt Jordan Iraq Iran Lebanon Eastern Front Northern Front history conflict IDF long range missile threat Golan heights Patriot battery Saudi Arabia Syria Arrow

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 33


Taiwan's Troubles: National Defence Report Highlights Chinese Threat. Jane's Intelligence Review. Sean Boyne, Sep 01, 1998, pp 25-28

President Clinton's visit to the PRC provoked concerns among many Taiwanese that the US would discontinue providing weaponry to Taiwan or that the US would not respond to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. This article addresses the Taiwanese perception of the military threat from China.

Descriptors, Keywords: China PRC Taiwan international relationship threat DF-15 tactical mobile missile troop deployment Fujian region Clinton invasion technology advantage live fire test

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 34


Taking Taiwan: How Would China Set About Recoving The Republic?. Jane's Intelligence Review. Peter Yu Kien-hong, Sep 01, 1998, pp 26-33

Although there are hopes that differences between Beijing and Taipei will be resolved peacefully, Beijing's use of a military option to resolve the issue of Taiwan cannot be resolved. This article discusses possible means by which the PRC would retake Taiwan.

Descriptors, Keywords: China PRC Taiwan international relationship threat invasion attack reunification US nuclear exchange MAD missile positioning MRBM troop intelligence analysis

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 35


Check, Please!. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist. Mike Moore, Sep 01, 1998, pp 34-35

This article talks about the 680-paged book called Atomic Audit and some nuclear related issues it discusses.

Descriptors, Keywords: Atomic Audit nuclear weapon secrecy policy Soviet Union United States

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 36


Inside Saddam's Secret Nuclear Program. The Bulletin OF The Atomic Scientists. Khidhir Hanza, Sep 01, 1998, pp 26-33

A senior Iraqi scientist tells how Saddam Hussein, in a decades-long quest for the bomb, systematically hoodwinked the IAEA.

Descriptors, Keywords: Hussein Persian Gulf War nuclear Nonproliferation United States Iraq clandestine UNSCOM IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency weaponization

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 37


Missile Defense: Rumbles From Rumsfeld. The Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists. John Isaacs, Sep 01, 1998, pp 16-17

Two years ago, congressional Republicans used the 1997 defense authorization budget to commission a study on "the missile threat" that would carry the heightened sense of danger that the latest intelligence community reports had failed to convey. Although they got their wish in a report issued in July, Congress, the media and the public reacted with a yawn. The report, drafted by a commission headed by former DefSec Donald Rumsfeld, concluded that a missile attack on the United States from a so-called rogue state could happen much sooner than previously estimated. Thanks to missile technology transfers, such countries like North Korea, Iran and Libya could be in a position to launch a strike at the United States within a few years.

Descriptors, Keywords: Rumsfeld missile technology commission attack rogue threat

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 38


Nine Minutes To Midnight. The Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientist, Sep 01, 1998, pp 4-5

The Bulletin's Board of Directors moves the minute hand of the "Doomsday Clock" to nine minutes to midnight due to the declaration of two more states declaring nuclear power, failure of world diplomacy in the nuclear sphere, increased danger that the nonproliferation regime might ultimately collapse and other nuclear related dangers that are forming.

Descriptors, Keywords: Doomsday Clock nuclear arms peacekeeping threat catastrophe United States Soviet Union

UPDATE: Sep 04, 1998, No. 39

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