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Hard.Copy - 13 February 1998

BMDO Budget Covers 70% Of Expected PAC-3 Contract Overrun. 
Aerospace Daily, Feb 09, 1998, p 198
BMDO has included an additional $30m in its FY99 budget request to cover
the government's portion of an anticipated $42m cost overrun in the
PAC-3 program. 
DoD Finalizing Cruise Missile Defense Requirements. 
Aerospace Daily, Feb 09, 1998, p 202
The DoD is in the final stages of completing its cruise missile defense
Capstone Requirement Document (CRD).The third version of the Theater Air
and Missile Defense master plan is slated to be released within the next
two months, coinciding with the budget planning process, so it can be
used for inputs into service plans. 
Boeing LSI Team Proposes Alternative NMD Site. 
Aerospace Daily, Feb 12, 1998, pp 221-221A
Boeing, one of the two teams competing for the LSI contract for NMD, has
proposed an optional NMD site location other than Grand Forks, ND, which
is the site under the current plan. Boeing believes it would be
difficult to defend all 50 states from Grand Forks. 
ABL Components Are Successful In Wind Tunnel Tests. 
BMD Monitor, Feb 06, 1998, p 42
A month long series of wind tunnel tests completed in January by Boeing
have proved critical Airborne Laser components will work as designed. 
CIA Chief Airs Proliferation Concerns Before Senate Panel. 
BMD Monitor, Feb 06, 1998, p 39
CIA Director George Tenet is very concerned about the proliferation of
chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons, weapons of mass destruction,
information warfare, and international terrorism to name a few. He
presented his concerns before the Senate Select Committee on
Intelligence on Jan. 28. Tenet also pointed out the dangers China and
Russia may pose in an environment of change and the dangers from other
states which are hostile to the US. 
Pacific Missile Range Upgrades Under Way For TMD Testing. 
BMD Monitor, Feb 06, 1998, pp 40-41
BMDO is funding upgrades at the Pacific Missile Range Facility which
will help TMD testing, including Navy Area, or Lower Tier TBMD and will
also include other operations upgrades. The test range will get the
latest radar, telemetry, advanced instrumentation, optics and
Over-the-Horizon (OTH) air and sea target launch capabilities. 
BMDO's MSX Satellite Vital Part Of Advanced Tech Demo. 
BMD Monitor, Feb 06, 1998, p 47
BMDO's Mid-Course Space Experiment satellite is central to the FY98
Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration called Space-Based Space
Surveillance Operations (SBSSO). BMDO is expected to contribute between
$5-$6m to the project for data reduction to make the data collected by
MSX comprehensible to ACTD participants. 
BMDO Will Distribute 27 Awards For Research Equipment. 
BMD Monitor, Feb 06, 1998, p 53
BMDO's Science and Technology Directorate plans to award 27 university
researchers working in important areas of missile defense research.
Under the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program,
researchers will get the needed funds to buy equipment that costs
$50,000 or more. Included is a chart of award winners, institution and
ABL Gets Boost In Air Force Budget Offering. 
BMD Monitor, Feb 06, 1998, pp 41-42
DoD and the Air Force continue their support of the ABL as a core Upper
Tier TMD program. The funds for ABL have nearly doubled for FY99 and the
DoD considers it a major force protection program under "Joint Vision
2010". The RDT&E program for FY99 wants $292b to continue the design,
building and lethal demonstration test of a prototype ABL. 
Reported Pakistani Missile Could Strike Deep Into India.
Defense Week. John Donnelly, Feb 09, 1998, pp 1, 6
During its March 23 National Day celebration, Pakistan plans to put on
parade a new medium-range ballistic missile that would, for the first
time, enable Islamabad to strike targets throughout northern and central
India, according to Pakistani press reports. 
Army Kills Proposal To Tap THAAD, PAC-3 Funds To Pay For MEADS. 
Inside the Pentagon, Feb 12, 1998, pp 7-8
The Army leadership has killed a plan to trim down THAAD and PAC-3 in
order to continue funding MEADS. 
US Missile Defense Plan To Build A 'Kill Chain'. 
Jane's Defence Weekly, Feb 11, 1998, p 6
DoD's Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense Organization (JTAMDO) will
issue a master plan in the next few weeks detailing future requirements
and key components for a comprehensive approach to ballistic and cruise
missile defense. Key issues to be addressed in the plan include the need
for a Single Integrated Air Picture for continuous tracking, integrated
fire control data between air, land and sea platforms, and precise
friend or foe identification. 
Russian Topol-M ICBM Production Nears. 
Jane's Defence Weekly, Feb 11, 1998, p 5
The award of a contract for high-precision components indicated that
Moscow is proceeding with delayed plans to produce the SS-X-29 Topol-M
intercontinental range solid propellant single warhead ballistic
missiles. The Irkustk Relay Plant has been converted to civilian
production and lain nearly idle for seven years, but its capability to
hand assemble hermetic relays for strategic weapons was maintained -
reportedly making it the only such facility in Russia. 

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