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Amendment offered by Mr. Spratt:

Strike out section 232 (page 31, line 17 through page 32, line 4), and insert in lieu thereof the following new section:

It is the policy of the United States--

(1) to deploy at the earliest practical date highly effective theater missile defenses (TMD) to protect forward-deployed and expeditionary elements of the Armed Forces of the United States and to complement the missile defense capabilities of our allies and forces friendly to the United States; and

(2) to develop, test, and deploy, at the earliest practical dates, a national missile defense system (NMD) that complies with the ABM Treaty and is capable of providing a highly effective defense of the United States against limited ballistic missile attacks.

Page 32, strike out line 17 and all that follows through line 5 on page 33 and insert in lieu thereof the following:

(1) Up to 100 ground-based interceptors at the site now designated by the ABM Treaty or additional ground-based interceptors at such other site or sites as the Secretary of Defense may recommend if deployment of ground-based interceptors at more than one site is allowed by amendment to the ABM Treaty.

(2) Fixed, ground-based radars.

(3) Space-based sensors that are capable of acquiring and tracking incoming reentry vehicles as an adjunct to ground-based radars.

(4) Battle management, communication, and control systems integrated with ground-based radars and space-based sensors.

Page 38, line 5, strike out `DEFINED'.

Page 38, line 6, insert `(a) Definition.--' before `For purposes of'.

Page 38, at the end of line 11, strike out the period and insert the following:

and all Agreed Statements and amendments to such Treaty in effect as of the date of the enactment of this Act or made after such date.

Page 38, after line 11, insert the following:

(b) Interpretation: Nothing in this subtitle shall be interpreted to violate, or to authorize the violation by the United States of, the ABM Treaty. Any provision of this subtitle that authorizes or requires the United States to deviate from the ABM Treaty is premised on the assumption that before any such action is taken amendments will be made to the Treaty to make such provision compliant with the Treaty.

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