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FY 2005 budget proposal for NASA

Click on image for Adobe Acrobat PDF Document [62 Kb]

Documents outlining the President's proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2005. The following documents comprise the Agency's budget summary. They are broken up here to facilitate downloading.

+ Agency Summary Table (76 Kb PDF)

+ Table of Contents (206 Kb PDF)

+ Exploration, Science & Aeronautics summary (139 Kb PDF) + Education summary (266 Kb PDF) + Exploration Capabilities summary (108 Kb PDF) + Space Flight Summary (562 Kb PDF) + Inspector General (17 Kb PDF)

+ Supporting Data (469 Kb PDF)

+ Proposed Appropriation Language (17 Kb PDF)

+ Management and Performance (323 Kb PDF)

+ Reference (173 Kb PDF)

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