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Homeland Security

Harzardous Materails Security Technology

The follow is a partial list of products that have been described as having the potential to contribute to the increased security of motor carrier hazardous material transportation. They are part of the Technology Compendium, which is a compilation of trucking industry technologies currently in the marketplace. Information on each of the security technologies and companies was submitted voluntarily or identified through secondary research and compiled.

Vericom and Zonar offer anti-hijacking/Security products. Each of these products is uniquely different. Vericom's product, Veriguard, is a covert system that ensures driver authentication and performs vehicle disablement when an unauthorized driver attempts to take a vehicle. Zonar's EVIR is a series of RFID tags placed at strategic points on a truck or bus in accordance with a pre-trip inspection. These RFID tags are read by a handheld reader when a driver comes into close proximity with them, ensuring that a driver performs a pre-trip inspection correctly.

Engineered Inerting Systems offers an Explosion Suppressant Arresting Foam that protects tanker trucks carrying flammable and explosive materials. This is a unique product that has the ability to suppress an explosion and minimize the effects.

Asset tracking systems consist of many different satellite and terrestrial units primarily used to track trailers and large construction equipment. These systems use different technical approaches to "track" vehicles ranging from satellite and terrestrial triangulation to GPS-based locators. In some instances, fixed site readers are used; although these are presently quite limited, new indicators are that major shippers will begin to increase their use of Bluetooth and RFID readers. There are 21 products representing 16 different companies which are as follows: Aether Systems, Inc.; Aircept; Datacom; Fleetilla; General Electric; GPS Management; Intermodal Security Devices; Lat-Lon, LLC; Mobilearia, Inc.; PAR Technologies; Qualcomm; SkyBitz; TeleTouch; Terion; TrackStar; V-TRAC Systems, INC.

Biometrics consists of a variety of biometric authentication devices ranging from fingerprint to facial recognition. Some of these products already have or are able to integrate the use of smartcards. There are 17 products representing 17 different companies which are as follows: AcSys Biometrics Corporation; ActivCard; AuthenTec; Biocentric Solutions Inc.; Bioidentix; Bio-Key International; Cogent Systems; Compu-Trol Technologies Inc.; Cross Match Technologies, Inc.; Cyber Sign Inc.; Data Management Inc.; Digital Persona, Inc.; exResource; FingerSec; Hectrix; Identix; Saflink Corporation.

The cargo seal category ranges from low-end tapes and seals to GPS enabled e-seals. There are 6 products represented by 3 companies: Bulldog Technologies; CGM Security Systems; Savi Technologies.

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