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Homeland Security

Terrorist Operations


This section is intended to be an educative presentation of significant operations within the span of modern terrorism. It is not meant to be entirely comprehensive and all encompassing, as every single terrorist operation is not listed. The operations are organized by ideological motivation, which in some cases is hazy due to competing ideological factors or imperfect information. Each operation is classified in a different section based on the objective judgement of the author. No editorial comment is made regarding one classification or another.

The five ideological classifications for operations used are:

  • Islamic Extremist: Inspired by radical political Islam.
  • Nationalist/Separatist: Fueled by the desire for a separate state. Secular in nature and not necessarily aligned with one side of the political spectrum.
  • Marxist/Leftist: Driven by leftwing ideology.
  • Far Right: Carried out by those professing ultra-conservative views.
  • Miscellaneous: Operations with no clear motive or one that does not fit into the previous four categories

For the sake of clarity, events occuring in Iraq following the US invasion in April 2003, as well as events occuring in Kashmir and Chechnya are being excluded from the listing for the time being.

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