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Homeland Security

Miscellaneous Terrorist Operations

Target(s) Locale Date of Action Type Responsibility
3 Banks Buenos Aires, Argentina November 16, 2004 Bombings No Claim
Myanmar Embassy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April 7, 2004 Arson No Claim
Shell Oil Platform Port Harcourt, Nigeria June 27, 1999 Seizure Enough is Enough in the Niger River
Red Cross and Red Crescent Workers North of Mogadishu, Somalia April 15, 1998 Kidnapping Militiamen loyal to Ali Mahdi Mohammed
UN Military Observers Zugdidi, Georgia Feburary 19, 1998 Kidnapping Supporters of late Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia
US Businessman Sanaa, Yemen October 30, 1997 Kidnapping Al-Sha'if tribesmen
UN Military Observers Komsomolabad, Tajikistan February 4-17, 1997 Kidnappings Warlord Bakhrom Sodirov
South Korean Consul Vladivostok, Russia October 1, 1996 Assassination North Korean Agents
Tokyo Subway Station Tokyo, Japan March 20, 1995 Sarin Nerve Gas Aum Shinrikyo
US Diplomats Karachi, Pakistan March 8, 1995 Shooting Unidentified Gunmen
Muslim Worshippers Hebron, West Bank, Israel February 25, 1994 Shooting Ultra-Zionist Baruch Goldstein
Former US President George H.W. Bush Kuwait City, Kuwait April 14, 1993 Bombing Iraqi Agents
US Diplomatic Posts Manila, Phillippines January 18-19, 1991 Bombing Iraqi Agents
UTA Flight 772 En route from Brazzaville to Paris September 19, 1989 Bombing Libyan Agents
Pan American Flight 103 Over Lockerbie, Scotland (Having departed Frankfurt, West Germany) December 21, 1988 Bombing Libyan Agents
Korean Air Lines Flight 858 Between Abu Dhabi and Bangkok November 29, 1987 Bombing North Korean Agents
Kimpo Airport Seoul, South Korea September 14, 1986 Bombing North Korean Agents
Discotheque Frequented by US servicemen Berlin, Germany April 5, 1986 Bombing Libyan Agents
Two Air India flights Planes Departing Vancouver, Canada June 23, 1985 Bombing and Botched Bombing Sikh Terrorists
US DEA Agents Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico February 7, 1985 Kidnapping and Execution Associates of Drug Trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero
Indian Premier Indira Gandhi New Delhi, India October 31, 1984 Shooting Sikh Members of her Security Force
Golden Temple Amritsar, India June 5, 1984 Hostage Situation Sikh Terrorists
South Korean Delegation Rangoon, Burma October 9, 1983 Bombing North Korean Hit Squad
Lebanese President-elect Bashir Gemayel Beirut, Lebanon September 14, 1982 Car Bombing Pro-Syrian Lebanese
Missionaries San Salvador, El Salvador December 4, 1981 Murder Members of the National Guard
U.S. Ambassador Adolph Dubs Kabul, Afghanistan February 14, 1979 Kidnapping (Ambassador Died in Subsequent Rescue Attempt by Afghan security forces) Afghan Islamic Extremists
Exiled Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier Washington, D.C. September 21, 1976 Car Bomb Unknown
U.S. Ambassador to Japan A. H. Meyer Japan July 30, 1969 Knife Attack Japanese Citizen

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