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Money Laundering: Progress Report on Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Letter Report, 11/08/93, GAO/GGD-94-30

GAO Report in PDF Format [1.96 Mb]
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, part of the Department of the
Treasury, distributes a variety of financial data to help federal,
state, and local law enforcement agencies combat money laundering.
Since its inception less than four years ago, the network has been
receiving a steadily increasing volume of requests for intelligence
data.  Similarly, the number of individual agencies requesting these
data has continued to rise each year.  The network also provides
strategic intelligence analyses that identify emerging trends, patterns,
and issues relating to money laundering. Law enforcement groups use
these reports for everything from instructional seminars to threat
assessments of specific geographic areas.  Although some of its work is
self-initiated, the network is receiving more and more requests from
other agencies for specific types of strategic analyses.
--------------------------- Indexing Terms -----------------------------
     TITLE:  Money Laundering: Progress Report on Treasury's Financial 
             Crimes Enforcement Network
      DATE:  11/08/93
   SUBJECT:  Money laundering
             Agency missions
             Intelligence gathering operations
             Investigations by federal agencies
             Law enforcement
             Law enforcement agencies
             Crimes or offenses
             Crime prevention
             Operations analysis
             Computerized information systems
IDENTIFIER:  Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
             Treasury Enforcement Communications System
             Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Financial 
             Institution and Regulatory Agencies Criminal Referral
             Enforcement System
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