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Homeland Security

Executive Summaries

Mission Areas:

The following Mission Areas were used to assist in scoping the response requirements generated by the scenarios.4 The full-text document contains detailed information for each Mission Area, and this executive summaries document highlights actions to be taken under each Mission Area.

Prevention/Deterrence/Protection - The ability to prevent, deter, or protect against terrorist actions

Emergency Assessment/Diagnosis - The ability to detect an incident, determine its impact, classify the incident, conduct environmental monitoring, and make government-to-government notifications

Emergency Management/Response - The ability to direct, control, and coordinate a response; provide emergency public information to the population at risk and the population at large; and manage resources - this outcome includes direction and control through the Incident Command System (ICS), Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and Joint Information Center (JIC)

Incident/Hazard Mitigation - The ability to control, collect, and contain an incident at its source and to mitigate the magnitude of its impact; this outcome also includes all response tasks conducted at the incident scene except those specifically associated with victim care

Public Protection - The ability to provide initial warnings to the population at large and the population at risk, notifying people to shelter-inplace or evacuate; provide evacuee support (e.g., transportation for evacuees, reception center, sand shelters); protect schools and special populations; and manage traffic flow and access to the affected area

Victim Care - The ability to treat victims at the scene, transport patients, treat patients at a medical treatment facility, track patients, handle and track human remains, and provide tracking and security of patients' possessions and evidence

Investigation/Apprehension - The ability to investigate the cause and source of the attack; prevent secondary attacks; and identify, apprehend, and prosecute those responsible

Recovery/Remediation - The ability to restore essential services, restore businesses and commerce, cleanup the environment and render the affected area safe, compensate victims, provide long-term mental health and other services to victims and the public, and restore a sense of well-being in the community

4 Department of Homeland Security, Office for Domestic Preparedness: Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, October 2003.

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