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Top-Level Emergency Anti-Epidemic System Switched to Normal Anti-Epidemic System in DPRK

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- Implemented in the DPRK are anti-epidemic steps taken by the Party and the state to switch the top-level emergency anti-epidemic system to an intensified and reinforced normal epidemic prevention work system as regards the fact that the public health crisis created in the country was completely defused and its whole territory was turned into a clean one free from the malignant virus in the shortest period.

Under the situation in which the top-level emergency anti-epidemic system has been lifted, the state emergency anti-epidemic headquarters takes measures to sterilize the effects of the orders and special instructions made by it and normalize the work, production activities and life of the people.

The step for obligatory mask-wearing was lifted in all areas except frontline areas and borderline cities and counties, given that the whole country was turned into an epidemic-free zone and the nationwide anti-epidemic level was lowered.

Since its effect was proved through the past anti-epidemic activities, mask-wearing is recommended in case a person has a symptom of respiratory disease such as flu and a yellow sand phenomenon is witnessed.

Nationwide expedition, visit, recreation, recuperation and tour are normalized, and measures for anti-epidemic distancing, limit of service time of commercial, public catering and welfare service facilities and others were lifted in all areas except frontline and borderline cities and counties.

Emergency anti-epidemic and public health organs at all levels are pushing ahead with the work to build up the epidemic prevention capability directly connected with ensuring safety of the state and protecting the lives of the people.

The level of organizational, administrative and legal control over acts of violating the anti-epidemic guidelines and discipline is maintained, along with steadily enhancing the public awareness of epidemic prevention and crisis in the whole society.

Information work and education are conducted to make the people remain vigilant against abnormal things and symptoms around them while overcoming possible self-esteem, incautiousness and carelessness and being always aware of the lesson gained in the past when the malignant virus made inroads into the country.

Works are carried on with sure guarantee to develop the Korean-style anti-epidemic tactics, good achievements and experience gained in the combat against the malignant virus into more advanced and scientific ones.

All processes of building the state anti-epidemic capacity such as reinforcement and perfection of the epidemic prevention system and order, constant readiness for the mobilization of anti-epidemic forces and material and technical means, sufficient storage of medicines and modernization of curative and preventive organs are being completed under a stage-by-stage plan. -0-

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