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Speech of Commander of State Emergency Anti-epidemic Headquarters

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, August 11 (KCNA) -- Ri Chung Gil, department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea who is commander of the state emergency anti-epidemic headquarters, made a speech at the National Meeting of Reviewing the Emergency Anti-epidemic Work.

He referred to the fact that the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un declared the state anti-epidemic work as a war against COVID-19 and the primary state work, made the state focus all its efforts on the work and took preemptive blockade step and intense anti-epidemic measures unprecedented in the world while establishing a commanding system like the army in the epidemic prevention work.

He said that the General Secretary indicated the orientation and ways for coping with the health crisis created in the country by switching the state anti-epidemic work over to the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system and led the state emergency anti-epidemic headquarters to remain faithful to its main duty.

In the maximum emergency anti-epidemic period, the public anti-epidemic atmosphere have been further improved and the validity, serve-the-people spirit and transparency of the anti-epidemic policies set forth by the Party and government and the potential power of the state controlling the public health crisis by its own effort have been fully demonstrated, he noted, and went on:

Under the guidance of the Party Central Committee, the state emergency anti-epidemic headquarters had minimized the spread of the epidemic while actively coordinating such anti-epidemic measures as regional lockdown and unit isolation and opening and rapidly and correctly grasped and controlled the nationwide spread of the epidemic in a stable way by developing and introducing advanced and scientific test and diagnosis systems, including the technology of antibody test and the COVID-19 spread control system.

Consequently, our country created a world miracle in the control of epidemic crisis with the results that 4 700 000 fevered persons by malignant pandemic had been completely recovered within three months after the operation of the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system and the fatality rate was 0.0016 percent.

Such miracle being lauded by the world as an enigma of the 21st century and a legendary reality is a brilliant outcome of the General Secretary's self-sacrificing devotion and wise leadership.

The state emergency anti-epidemic headquarters will focus all its efforts on the work to further expand the valuable achievements made in the anti-epidemic campaign thanks to the single-minded unity between the Party and the people and build up the firm state anti-epidemic capability to initiatively and successfully cope with any health crisis.

It will thoroughly check the inroads of COVID-19 variants by perfectly locking down the front, borderline and coastal areas, sea and air while prioritizing the work to firmly cement the anti-epidemic barrier in the capital city where the Party Central Committee, the supreme general staff of the revolution, is located, grasp and control the public opinion, paying high-alert attention to a groundless rumor harmful to the emergency anti-epidemic work.

Always mindful that the scientific epidemic prevention is guaranteed by scientific test, it will take decisive steps to enhance the nationwide test density and the correctness and scientific accuracy of test to the maximum and push ahead with the development and production of medicines based on ultra-modern technology such as biotechnology and the work to strengthen the technical forces, material foundation and mechanism in the anti-epidemic sector so as to sensitively cope with not only the current health crisis but also any future epidemic threat and challenge.

The speaker pledged to fulfill his heavy duty before the Party and the state in invariably and creditably carrying forward the brilliant tradition of our state which brought about greater victory in the current anti-epidemic campaign, always cherishing the great trust and expectation of the General Secretary who entrusted to him the state anti-epidemic work decisive of the destiny of the country and the people. -0-

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