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DPRK Premier Makes Report at National Meeting of Reviewing Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, August 11 (KCNA) -- Kim Tok Hun, premier of the Cabinet of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, made a report at the national meeting of reviewing the emergency anti-epidemic work.

Noting that our country hit a new record in the world history of anti-epidemic work by preventing the inroads of the malignant virus for 27 months amid the global health crisis, and restored the complete stability in the anti-epidemic work within some 80 days, the reporter said that it is a miracle unprecedented in the world health history brought about by our Party and people under the outstanding guidance of the great leader.

The days of the great anti-epidemic war, conducted from last May when the most serious emergency case, in which the malignant virus made inroads into our country, occurred, were a stirring period during which the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee's noble intention that the Party must defend the destiny of the country and the safety of the peoples' lives without fail, was demonstrated at the highest level, the reporter said, adding:

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee, as the de facto general anti-epidemic headquarters, had convened tens of major Party meetings since the state anti-epidemic work was switched over to the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system. It learned about the problems arising in the anti-epidemic work directly on the spot, concentrated the labor, material and sci-tech forces of the country on the anti-epidemic work and stabilized the anti-epidemic situation at an early date.

The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un gave instructions to activate the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system in the state anti-epidemic work at the 8th Political Bureau Meeting of the 8th Party Central Committee in May last and clearly indicated the principles, tasks and ways to cope with the sudden health crisis, including the issue of enforcing the regional and inter-unit lockdown and perfectly checking the inroads of the malignant virus.

All the people, encouraged by his outstanding leadership and indefatigable devotion, turned out as one in the anti-epidemic campaign with high sense of responsibility that they are in direct charge of the anti-epidemic work during the maximum emergency anti-epidemic period. In this course, the climate of unconditionally obeying the anti-epidemic policies of the Party and the state and voluntarily observing the anti-epidemic regulations and rules was thoroughly established and the social anti-epidemic atmosphere grew stronger.

True to the special order by the WPK Central Military Commission, during the great anti-epidemic war, the medics of the People's Army, dispatched to the forefront of the emergency anti-epidemic campaign in the capital city, dedicated themselves to supplying the medicines from the motherly Party to the citizens as quickly and correctly as possible, while doing more things for the good of the people to fully demonstrate the popular character of the Party's revolutionary army and further deepen the friendly feelings with the people.

Numerous medical workers across the country, emulating the fighting spirit displayed by the medics of the People's Army, devoted themselves to treating citizens while lodging on the spot during the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system, and 2 400 persons with a career in the public health sector voluntarily engaged themselves in the medical service to conclude the fight against the malignant virus as soon as possible.

Displayed among many officials and working people were such good virtues as sending medicines, anti-epidemic materials, food and funds to anti-epidemic, curative and preventive organs, families of war veterans and disabled soldiers and households in difficulties and hardship. At least 8 000 various service teams were organized across the country and more than 30 000 volunteers visited households to supply food, medicines and daily necessities.

The anti-epidemic and public health sectors flexibly coordinated the anti-epidemic measures to cope with the ever-changing global spread of the malignant virus, developed new test technologies, enhanced the test capabilities, established treatment methods suited to our people's constitutional characters and our country's specific conditions and took thoroughgoing measures to ensure the promptness, correctness, safety and efficiency in the supply of medicines, thus contributing to checking the spread of the pandemic disease and minimizing the number of casualties.

As a result, our country defused within 80 odd days the health crisis brought by the pandemic disease that had caused more than 390 000 daily fever cases at the maximum early after the activation of the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system. Moreover, it restored the favorable anti-epidemic situation with the fatality rate remaining at the lowest of the world, 0.0016 percent, a surprising success.

With his insight into the serious situation, in which it was impossible to supply enough food to the people and the economy of the country was on the verge of doldrums due to the lockdown of every province, city and county and to the lack of raw and other materials supply in the early period of the pandemic-brought health crisis, the General Secretary made sure that an emergency instruction of the Cabinet was issued to ceaselessly carry on the immediate economic work, setting it as a top priority task to thoroughly ensure the health, safety of lives and convenience of the people.

Thus, all the sectors of socialist construction, including metal, chemical, electric, coal and light industrial, agricultural and construction sectors waged a dynamic struggle while taking proper measures to establish a well-regulated work system and order as required by the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system and push forward the production and construction without cease. Consequently, marked progress was made in carrying out their national economic plans, pushing ahead with farming processes as scheduled and finishing the structural construction of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area and the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm as planned.

The proud successes made in the period of the maximum emergency anti-epidemic campaign are a brilliant fruition of the far-sighted wisdom and outstanding and experienced leadership of the General Secretary, and precious gains of our people who displayed fervent patriotism and loyalty and made tireless efforts with a strong will, firmly trusting and following him only.

Noting that we are now faced with the responsible and huge militant tasks to successfully attain this year's struggle goal for implementing the decisions of the Party Congress and dynamically open up a new phase of the state development, the reporter continued:

What is most important in the state emergency anti-epidemic work is to more thoroughly establish the monolithic leadership system of the Party Central Committee.

It is necessary to firmly equip all the people with the anti-epidemic policy of our Party, definitely turn the anti-epidemic work into an all-people work and thoroughly observe the anti-epidemic rules in the work and production activities in order to expand the successes in the grand anti-epidemic campaign and creditably ensure the socialist construction and the security of the country.

We should also further round off the anti-epidemic mechanism and system to perfectly curb and terminate the outbreak, influx and spread of any pandemic disease, intensify the state-backed investment and support for the anti-epidemic sector and firmly consolidate the material and technical foundations for proactively coping with any threat and challenge.

We should tighten the closure of border, frontline and coastline and keep maximum vigilance to prevent any slight gap or defect in the anti-epidemic work given that the global health crisis gets worse with the emergence of different coronavirus sub-variants and the outbreak of other pandemic diseases like monkeypox to threaten the life of humankind and the south Korean puppet regime gets more undisguised in its despicable and vicious moves to inject the malignant virus again into our territory.

All the sectors and units should conduct the operation and guidance for economic construction and improvement of the people's living standard proactively and minutely in accordance with the changed anti-epidemic situation and objective and subjective conditions by depending on the precious successes gained in the anti-epidemic work in order to implement this year's national economic plans without fail and powerfully accelerate the comprehensive development of socialist construction.

The reporter called upon all to put spurs to the struggle for enhancing the state anti-epidemic capacity and comprehensively developing the Korean-style socialist construction by dint of irresistible might of single-minded unity with firm faith that victory and glory are always in store on the road of following the respected General Secretary, and thus reliably defend the security of the country and the people and demonstrate before the world the dignity and might of the DPRK. -0-

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