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Homeland Security

Stability of Anti-epidemic Situation Guaranteed in DPRK

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, August 9 (KCNA) -- All sectors and units of the DPRK focus all their efforts on completely realizing the voluntary unity of all the people in thinking and action under the stable anti-epidemic situation.

Based on a more stable anti-epidemic system, the state emergency anti-epidemic headquarters conducts operation and guidance by directing its efforts to building up the all-people anti-epidemic defence line in the current condition where it is confirmed that there are no cases of the malignant virus in the country.

While comparing and analyzing the situation of the epidemic spread since the end of April and ceaselessly perfecting scientific treatment methods for those having aftereffects, it is executing steps to maintain the stable anti-epidemic situation.

In compliance with the weather condition of the rainy season where frequent rain is accompanied with downpours, loops and gaps which may become blind spots in anti-epidemic work are carefully examined from a scientific viewpoint and positive measures are taken.

The source of pollution is removed and rainwater disposing capacity is improved by strengthening reinforcement and maintenance of rainwater pumping stations and drainage systems while efficient measures are taken to get rid of sources of outbreak and spread of seasonal diseases.

Solidifying blockade barriers of borderline and forefront areas and the sea, practical measures are taken to further strengthen the all-people monitoring and report system of thoroughly making working people and residents not contact with abnormal things and wild animals and immediately notifying of them.

Efforts are made to cut off the inroads of new COVID-19 sub-variants and diseases by strictly disposing rubbish flowing in from rivers in borderline areas and coastal areas and dead birds and wild animals with their cause unknown.

As the anti-epidemic atmosphere is further raised across society, emergency anti-epidemic units and curative and preventive organs at all levels aid and regulate working people and residents in their respective units and areas mutually while redoubling voluntary and active efforts of the masses by waging intensive publicity work to establish a complete anti-epidemic atmosphere. -0-

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