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Liaison and Cooperation between Anti-epidemic Sectors and Units Solidified in DPRK

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, July 17 (KCNA) -- The work to further strengthen the state unified command system of anti-epidemic work and ensure smooth systematic liaison between each sector and unit is waged dynamically on a nationwide scale in the DPRK.

While ceaselessly awakening and arousing the overall anti-epidemic front, the state emergency epidemic prevention headquarters is focusing efforts on producing good results under the cooperation between each sector and unit at all the moments and processes of anti-epidemic activities such as tests, medical checkups, quarantine and treatment.

Researchers and experts from scientific research and educational institutions are inducted into research teams analyzing the anti-epidemic situation and the course of the disease and severity of fever cases so as to solve the technical issues arising in closely examining the inroad of new COVID-19 sub-variants from a scientific outlook and preventing their spread.

And work to continuously ensure the safety of the people's lives by more completely establishing epidemic preventive measures are actively conducted.

The public health sector is optimizing the treatment on fever cases breaking out sporadically in very limited areas while taking timely quarantine measures that are safe and efficient, solidifying liaison and cooperation between emergency anti-epidemic units.

The Ministry of Public Health and the February 17 Shock Brigade of Scientists and Technicians fully provided an academic basis applicable to treatment of patients by finishing the clinical examination of antiviral medicines developed by medical research units and accurately evaluating the efficiency of the medicines in the treatment of malignant epidemic disease through concrete consultations with experts.

Sectors in charge of work to strengthen the anti-epidemic foundation materially and technically have steadily established execution guarantees for putting the pharmaceutical and medical appliance industries on a more advanced level in the shortest time, amid the brisk cooperation between research, designing and production units. -0-

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