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Statement by President Biden on FDA Authorization of the First COVID-19 Vaccines for America's Youngest Kids

June 17, 2022

Today is a day of huge relief for parents and families across America. Following a rigorous scientific review, the Food and Drug Administration has authorized the first COVID-19 vaccines for kids under the age of five. As early as next week, pending recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), parents will finally be able to get their youngest kids the protection of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

We are the first country to protect our youngest children with COVID-19 vaccines, offering safe and highly effective mRNA doses to children as young as six months old. My administration secured vaccine doses for America's youngest children and now with FDA's authorization, we will begin shipping millions of vaccine doses for kids to thousands of locations parents know and trust—including pediatricians' offices, children's hospitals, and pharmacies. As doses are delivered, parents will be able to start scheduling vaccinations for their youngest kids as early as next week, with appointments ramping up over the coming days and weeks.

Thanks to my administration and partners across the country, we have come a long way in our fight against COVID these past 17 months. The vaccines, treatments and other tools my Administration has made widely available are protecting the American people from serious illness, keeping them out of the hospital, and bringing down daily deaths due to COVID-19 by 90 percent.

Today's decision will help build on this progress, giving parents much-needed relief and peace of mind and helping our nation continue to move forward safely. We look forward to hearing from the CDC on its recommendations.


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