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Anti-epidemic Tactic System Further Intensified

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- The anti-epidemic and public health sectors are directing their efforts to establishing more detailed and scientific tactics while carefully watching the present anti-epidemic situation.

As soon as an acute enteric epidemic occurred in Haeju City and Kangryong County, South Hwanghae Province, the central emergency anti-epidemic sector took immediate measures to thoroughly check the spread of the epidemic and immediately eliminate it.

A medical team of a central hospital dispatched to the province has intensively disinfected the areas in which the epidemic occurred in cooperation with preventive and curative units there and conducted an intensive treatment campaign for recovering patients.

Public health, hygienic and anti-epidemic organs across the country have more substantially conducted the work for establishing treatment tactics to detect the malignant epidemic in its early stage and take a timely measure and employing them while further intensifying the preliminary observation of the enteric disease by seasonal factor.

A clear progress has been made in the work for establishing a quadruple test information system for closely estimating the nationwide spread of the epidemic on a nationwide scale.

The work for setting up versatile quarantine places with improved accommodation capacity and tight closure and treatment environment has been conducted throughout the country and the duration of quarantining those with anti-epidemic danger and the standard for locking down areas have been reconfirmed from a new point of view.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector and the Ministry of Public Health, which are pushing ahead with clinical examination to use antibiotics of more than 10 kinds for treatment, are further perfecting relevant medicines while accurately examining their efficiency and characteristics.

Medical teams of central hospitals dispatched to all parts of the country expand achievements in treatment in cooperation with medical workers in relevant areas.

State economic organs including the Cabinet are making long-term and stepwise plans to quickly put the pharmaceutical and medical appliance industries on an advanced basis and scrupulously organizing the work for carrying them out. -0-

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