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Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work Put on More Scientific and Specialized Basis in DPRK

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- The central emergency anti-epidemic sector of the DPRK is concentrating efforts to putting anti-epidemic work on a scientific and specialized basis.

Being conducted across the country is the work for raising the scientific, theoretical and professional qualification of anti-epidemic workers to make them quickly and accurately cope with any public health crisis.

Emergency anti-epidemic sectors at all levels are taking proactive measures for acquiring necessary knowledge under the condition that more than 300 000 public health workers, teachers and students from institutions for training medical workers across the country are involved in emergency anti-epidemic work.

The system of training experts on anti-epidemic sector is being established on a higher level, and online reeducation and technical workshops are intensified.

Many anti-epidemic officials have avidly studied advanced technology of anti-epidemic field while being enrolled in the reeducation system since the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system was activated.

The emergency anti-epidemic sector and scientific research units are solving in time sci-tech issues arising in improving the capacity of nucleic acid tests, and taking practical measures to conduct relevant tests via air samplers at public places in Pyongyang City.

The public health sector concretely shapes and issues understanding items and scrupulously organizes the work for sharing good treatment tactics and experience that reaction and adverse reaction of various medicines are detailed and diversified according to ages and physical constitutions.

Public health organs in each province, city and county are deepening collective discussions and researches for rationally introducing treatment guidelines and medication instructions to suit the specific conditions in contact with central hospitals on the basis of assessment of clinical experiences made in the course of treating patients.

The Cabinet and relevant sectors and units are directing efforts to improving the capability for quickly coping with the variable epidemic prevention situation while taking more thoroughgoing measures for material and technical supply to cement the anti-epidemic foundation of the state.

They are conducting the work for additionally installing various test and treatment facilities and fully providing reagents and materials under the minute plans.

In contact with the emergency anti-epidemic sector, the land and environment protection sector chose dozens of dangerous spots in rivers and collected before testing water. The urban management sector disinfects and disposes of trash and sewage as required by anti-epidemic rules and thus thoroughly blocks and seals off gaps of the epidemic spread.

Major medicine production units direct efforts into upgrading, and Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories conduct a dynamic campaign for raising their production capability and producing more various Koryo medicines helpful to the treatment of the epidemic. -0-

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